Canyons School District to install carbon monoxide detectors in all buildings

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  • johndavies salt lake, UT
    Nov. 22, 2013 6:37 p.m.

    The article did not mention that these detectors are not monitored in any way They are the same as found in any residence. You must be in the presence of the detector to hear the alarm. They do not provide any means for remote monitoring. a residential grade detector like this is useless in a commercial application. A waste of money to provide a false sense of protection. Very misleading to patrons of the Canyons School District. This was a publicity stunt for the district. You should interview them again and ask questions as to the effectiveness of thsse devices. Are they going to have someone listen for the detector to alarm 24 hrs a day? Does the alarm have a visual indicator to show it has detected CO? How is this detector going to be monitored until a permanent solution is found? They would be better off with a canary. At least you know when the CO level is exceeded cause the bird will be dead. Ask a coal miner.