Utah football: Kyle Whittingham says Utes have right mentality heading into Oregon game

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  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Nov. 14, 2013 7:46 p.m.

    Make no mistake, I'm pulling for the Ducks.

    I want the last two games of the season to be an emotional pressure cooker for the Utes. The desperate last breaths of hope to extend their season into the most mediocre bowl available, whatever that may be.

    I couldn't care less if the Utes win or lose but I want ALL of the drama wrapped up into one nice package over these next three weeks.

    Seeing this pan out in these stories and the subsequent commentary will be the ultimate Ute saga of 2013.

    Go Ducks!

  • Striker Omaha, NE
    Nov. 13, 2013 7:41 p.m.

    So, utah will hang with Oregon on the road and how many points does Oregon put up, especially at home? utah scored how many points on the road vs. USC (who was in shambles)? Unless I was Alabama or FSU going to Eugene, I would not give myself a chance in this game. Utah is completely pathetic on the road in PAC play. I can't see Oregon winning by no less than 30.

  • Ed Grady Idaho Falls, ID
    Nov. 13, 2013 4:38 p.m.

    Utah has a great chance to beat the Ducks - if they don't have an opening kickoff.

  • Gone fishin PAC Country, WA
    Nov. 13, 2013 3:13 p.m.

    Here is one pac fan cheering for the Ducks. I would feel OK with cheering for he utes but for Chris B and the likes.
    Prediction: Wilson throws 3 picks and completes 20% of his passes. That is about average for the 2nd half of the season. The Ducks D will be all over him with a terrible o-line.
    I will, however, give some props to the U defense for stepping up this year but it won't be enough.

  • JapanCougar Apo, AP
    Nov. 13, 2013 12:33 p.m.

    Good luck to the Utes! I think you've got a very good and under-rated defense and Oregon will not look like Oregon when they play you.
    Good luck to my fellow BYU grads: Coach Whittingham, and Coach Sitake.

  • Robroy Murray, utah
    Nov. 13, 2013 11:59 a.m.

    It's going to take alot more than the right mentality for the swoops to beat the Ducks. I'm sure the defense will show up but the offence will stink. Ducks 34, swoops 10. Quack Quack Quack.

  • SCfan clearfield, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 11:10 a.m.

    I hope you guys surprise Oregon with tough, on the front, line type football that Stanford used to beat Oregon. Now that the championship game is likely settled with Florida State and Alabama, lets hope the Pac 12 gets a number of other bowl games. A win by the Utes would really make the case to go.

  • Samurai Jake Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 10:18 a.m.

    They have nothing to lose. David has a legitimate shot at slaying Goliath in this one - as long as the offense agrees to pull their weight, too.

  • Staythecourse Ogden, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 9:50 a.m.

    Cletus where are you? I need to read at least one of your posts a day. They make me laugh. Seriously funny stuff.

    Go PAC 12, I mean Utah Utes, they are the same right?

    I get so confused, are we supposed to cheer for a University or for a Conference?

    Chris B, please enlighten me.

  • MapleDon Springville, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 9:43 a.m.

    My business partner shows the mentality of the ute fan. He said as long as the utes can play and beat BYU in a bowl game (twice in a year), the season's complete.

    See it isn't the school love and loyalty. It's the hatred for BYU that makes a real ute fan.

  • BeSmart Cheyenne, WY
    Nov. 13, 2013 9:28 a.m.

    I agree with you that it will be much closer than anticipated.
    I do give them a slight shot to win if they can establish a power running game and control the clock for most of the game.
    That is the best defense for the fast paced offenses.

  • 1978 Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 9:22 a.m.

    As a BYU fan I can say that this game is going to be much closer than the 25 point spread. To put it bluntly for those who vote and established point spreads - Utah is underrated. In the latest Sagarin Ratings they are ranked #29.

    I am not predicting a Utah victory but Whittingham will watch tape of the Stanford - Oregon game and figure out how to slow them down. I predict it will be a better game than everyone is anticipating.

  • Staythecourse Ogden, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 9:21 a.m.

    My mentality would be, lets not expect to win so when we don't win it won't hurt or sting so bad.

    I'm overweight and never workout but I love my Gold's Gym membership.

  • Cool Cat Cosmo Payson, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 9:06 a.m.


    At least BYU is going bowling this year...whereas the Utes look to be headed toward a SECOND year of "cheering for whoever is playing against BYU" (at least some of them...I'm sure the classier ones will cheer their rivals on)

  • Jumpyman Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 8:54 a.m.

    Here is one BYU fan that is actually cheering for Utah to win. It would be a great thing for Utah, and BYU if Utah could pull off another upset. Everyone is calling Stanford's loss to Utah as a bad loss and a fluke. But Utah is actually very good, they just haven't been able to win the close games. A win over Oregon would prove that the win over Stanford was not a fluke. So, with that said, good luck Utes and here is one Cougar cheering for you. By the way, I think the PAC 12 is better than the SEC this year. Alabama is the only really good team in the SEC-but we will never know, because the only Team in SEC that really plays anybody outside the SEC is LSU, and that is always the first or second week of the season.

  • thebigsamoan Richmond, VA
    Nov. 13, 2013 8:53 a.m.

    Mariota is hurt. Wilson is also hurt. It boils down to who wants it more. This is another golden opportunity for the Utes to redeem their season and heal their wounded egos. It's what I love about them being in a great conference. They have opportunity after opportunity to prove they belong because of the quality of teams they play. I hope they win out the rest of their schedule or at least be bowl eligible. I'm still holding out for a chance to play them in San Fran.

  • Christopher B Ogden, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 8:38 a.m.

    Down Under,

    What does that make a team that only has moral victories against the national chumps of moral victories?

  • Down under Salt Lake City, UT
    Nov. 13, 2013 7:27 a.m.

    Oregon qb hurt and utah qb well but incapable. It only makes it 3 points closer so my new prediction is Ducks 34, utes 19.
    Agree with Chase; utah is the national chumps of moral victories

  • Chase Saint George, UT
    Nov. 12, 2013 8:57 p.m.

    We beat Stanford, therefore we will beat Oregon.

    If we don't beat Oregon, we'll be consensus Moral Victory National Champions for 2013.

    Go PAC-12!

    Such conference!
    Much football!
    Very winning!

  • AltaHawkFan Sandy, UT
    Nov. 12, 2013 8:48 p.m.

    Sure the utes have the 'right mentality'. They know Oregon will stomp them, and they're ok with that.

  • Ken Sandy, UT
    Nov. 12, 2013 8:46 p.m.

    Mariota is hurt. And Utah didnt have a chance in the world at beating Stanford...Go Utes