'At Last' expresses Utah recording artist's joy of music

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  • Doree Riverton, UT
    Nov. 3, 2013 8:11 p.m.

    I am so excited for this CD! Valaura's clear tone and love of music is so inviting! I have seen in her in many venues and have never been disappointed! If you love Big Band music you will love Valaura and her music! Her enthusiasm is infectious.

  • Tish Sandy, UT
    Nov. 3, 2013 7:08 p.m.

    Valaura Arnold came to my attention a number of years ago, when I heard her sing, with her family, while I was attending a favourite holiday fundraising event.
    She (they) were terrific, and memorable.
    To my surprise and delight, she was the vocalist when I attended a Big Band concert this last year - her voice lent itself as well to the Big Band music as it had to the Christmas songs I had heard her sing before.
    She has an amazing range, and has a clear, warm voice that seems to be as at home with show tunes as it is with pop and big band styles.
    After hearing her at the concert, I became a fan - but not in a creepy, stalking sort of way. I have been to her website to hear more of her recordings and have been anticipating the release of her first CD.
    I am even more excited to hear she wants to do a Christmas CD!
    Valaura has a true gift (honed, I understand with a Masters Degree in vocal performance), and I'm looking forward to hearing more from her!

  • Dprestwich Riverton, UT
    Nov. 3, 2013 6:12 p.m.

    Thoroughly enjoyable! It's a fresh take on some old favorites, and I was impressed by the original songs. When a talented artist enjoys what they're doing and is so well suited to the genre, it's always a pleasure to listen.