Why are more Navajos joining LDS Church?

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  • antodav TAMPA, FL
    Dec. 3, 2013 6:47 p.m.

    Given the geography of where they have resided historically, the Navajo are probably one of the tribes who are most closely related to the people of the Book of Mormon. It makes sense that they would find the stories of the Nephites and the Lamanites most compelling, because they are truly an account of their history moreso than they are of many other ethnic groups. Plus, the Church's teachings are the antithesis of everything that goes on in the typical "Indian" reservation—which in and of itself is enough for them to seek to immerse themselves in the Gospel as much as possible.

  • jmason San Diego, CA
    Nov. 26, 2013 12:34 a.m.

    I served my mission among the Navajos in Tuba City, Shiprock, etc. We had baptisms...but very poor retention after the baptisms. So this story is encouraging.

    As for DNA, this never bothered me. The Book Of Mormon says that a "remnant of the seed of Joseph" would survive. How much is a remnant? I guess we are seeing with recent DNA samples.

  • TiCon2 Cedar City, UT
    Nov. 5, 2013 9:59 a.m.

    Living in Flagstaff, AZ has really opened my eyes to the great potential of this people. They have been abused time and again by Anglo settlers and government and hopefully will re-discover what makes them an incredible culture. A disproportionate percentage of baptisms occurring in our ward come from Navajo, Hopi and Havasu heritage and they add so much love and diversity to our ward and stake.

  • Michigander Westland, MI
    Nov. 2, 2013 1:14 p.m.


    The most likely reason that the one DNA trait found in the ancient Siberian boy was found only in Native Americans is because the Inuit people (formerly known as the Eskimo) of Siberia, Alaska, Nunavut (formerly far northern Canada), and Greenland (all extreme northern countries of the earth) are the lost tribe of Benjamin, the younger brother of Joseph of Egypt. And given the fact that the American Indians are all descended from Joseph of Egypt, that would make their descendants all cousins. This is a great and wonderful mystery of God that all the DNA researchers have not been aware of but that certain discerning people do know about. Also this DNA trait would be more evident because Joseph of Egypt and his younger Benjamin were full brothers, having the same father and mother (Jacob/Israel and Rachel). The whole DNA story has indeed yet to be discovered, but these glimpses are definitely exciting, as you have said. The surface has only been scratched as it has been said.

  • Michigander Westland, MI
    Nov. 2, 2013 11:22 a.m.


    I am not speaking about the American Indians joining your church (Utah LDS). I am speaking about the American Indians joining MY church in the future - The Church of Jesus Christ [WHQ: Monongahela, Pennsylvania].

    Also, there is no boasting or arrogance in this proclamation. My church only boasts in the great and marvelous and wondrous future works of our great God, just as Ammon did boast of the Lord in the Book of Mormon (Alma 26:10-16).

  • gmlewis Houston, TX
    Nov. 2, 2013 10:08 a.m.

    Last week I read an article in the BBC website about a DNA study of a young boy found in Siberia dating tens of thousands of years ago. His DNA did not match other Asian groups, but did match folks from ancient Europe. However, he had one DNA trait that is only found in Native Americans and is common to every tribe throughout North and South America.

    The part of the article that intrigued me is that there is something common in all Native American DNA that is not common anywhere else ... except this young boy from long ago. In spite of all the mixing through the millenia, this trait endured.

    The whole DNA story has yet to be discovered, but these glimpses are exciting.

  • Michigander Westland, MI
    Nov. 1, 2013 2:44 p.m.


    The future full-blooded American Indian Moses is the Choice Seer written of in 2nd Nephi, chapter 3 in the Book of Mormon. He is also mentioned in several places (prophecies) in the KJV Bible. These are predictions based on the 2 books of scripture and not on any one person's opinion or interpretation. Also, the DNA evidence is not even remotely conclusive. Only the scientifically simple minded would believe the current DNA evidence or research is conclusive - not by a long shot. The Church of Jesus Christ [WHQ: Monongahela, PA] is the only church on the face of the earth that believes that the Choice Seer is the future full-blooded American Indian Moses. His coming forth gets closer every day. What a great and glorious day that will be for the aboriginal/indigenous people of North, Central, and South America, as well as for the aboriginal/indigenous peoples (10 lost tribes of Israel) of Asia, Australia, the Pacific Isles, Nunavut, and Greenland.

  • Casey See FLOWER MOUND, TX
    Nov. 1, 2013 1:11 p.m.

    One more piece of confusion to add to the DNA question. Most of the DNA looked at from determining race comes from the mother. We have no idea what race or tribe of Isreal, if indeed they were Isrealites, did Sariah or Ishmael's wife(s) come from. We only know that Lehi was a descendant of Joseph, who's wife was an Eqyptian, Aseneth, and that Ishmael was also an Isrealite. I don't remember where I found this. But we have nothing about their wives. Also, I agree that there were other peoples on the American continent when they arrived. Don't forget that Mulek was of the tribe of Judah, but he was not even a teenager and probably a small child when he arrived. Those with him were probably not all Isrealites either, very likely Phonecians or other ocean going peoples. Remember the people of Zarahemla were more numerous than the Nephites. So without even adding other peoples, we have a huge potential of other bloodlines than just Jewish to spread their DNA among Lehi's descendants.

  • ClarkHippo Tooele, UT
    Nov. 1, 2013 11:47 a.m.


    Let's be careful about sounding arrogant in regards to those who are joining the LDS Church. My hope and prayer is that more will join, but our missionary work should always be done with a motivation of pure love rather than mere numbers.


    Those who argue about DNA evidence need to understand a few things.

    1. There is nothing in the Book of Mormon to suggest the entire Western Hemisphere was empty before Lehi and his family arrived. When the Book of Mormon talks about a land God has prepared for Nephi's people (2 Nephi 1:5) there's little explained in terms of how big this land is or where its location is.

    2. A careful reading of the Book of Mormon explains that numerous Lamanites and Nephites were killed in war after war between the two sides. Research has shown that in many places and in many civilizations, mtDNA lineages have been greatly dissipated for various reasons, including war and disease.

    3. There's little in the Book of Mormon which discusses migration patterns, but clearly, the Nephite and Lamanite populations could not have grown as fast as described unless outside groups joined them.

  • Brahmabull sandy, ut
    Nov. 1, 2013 11:40 a.m.


    Oldschooler claims Navajo people are true lamanites - DNA evidence says that it cannot be the case... Native Americans did not come from where the Book of Mormon cliams they did. So far, I have seen no evidence that supports the Book of Mormon claims

  • maclouie Falconer, NY
    Nov. 1, 2013 10:58 a.m.


    I agree with you. Let's ignore the DNA evidence that does not support the BOM, but let's accept the DNA evidence that does. I'm sure that is what you meant to say.

  • Brahmabull sandy, ut
    Nov. 1, 2013 10:18 a.m.


    "When the future full-blooded American Indian Moses comes forth upon this land of the USA in the not-too-distant-future, then hundreds of thousands of American Indians will be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ "

    I'm lost. You love making predictions based on nothing. More likely, very few of them will join. But hey, keep the outlandish predictions coming.


    Yes, lets ignore all of the DNA evidence stating that native americans did not come from where the Book of Mormon claims they did...

  • oldschooler USA, TX
    Nov. 1, 2013 10:12 a.m.

    True Lamanites. They have found their piece of history long ago lost for them: Book of Mormon. Embrace Church and share your wisdom and traditions my brothers. God bless.

  • Michigander Westland, MI
    Oct. 31, 2013 11:14 p.m.

    When the future full-blooded American Indian Moses comes forth upon this land of the USA in the not-too-distant-future, then hundreds of thousands of American Indians will be baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ [WHQ: Monongahela, Pennsylvania]. What great joy that will be!

  • Alex 1 Tucson, AZ
    Oct. 31, 2013 4:54 p.m.

    Love to hear it.