New charges against ex-teacher accused of exploiting children

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  • Contrarius mid-state, TN
    Oct. 24, 2013 9:20 a.m.

    "His wife filed for divorce on Oct. 9...."

    Yet more proof that the BSA policy against admitting gay scout leaders does nothing to protect scouts.

    The real predators hide behind a camouflage of normalcy. Like Kenneth Prince, most of them are married and seem to be pillars of their communities.

    Men who are open and honest about being gay are NOT the men who are going to be a danger to anyone's children.

    Furthermore -- the true experts in the field of sexual predators know that homosexuality does NOT predispose men to abusing boys.

    Here's just a few findings from some of those experts:

    -- "in over 12 years of clinical experience working with child molesters, we have yet to see any example of a regression from an adult homosexual orientation"

    -- "Homosexual males pose LESS risk of sexual harm to children (both male and female)--from both an absolute and a percentage incidence rate--than heterosexual males..."

    -- "only about 4 percent of same-sex abuse involves homosexual perpetrators"

    -- "sexual orientation was not related to the sex of the victim targeted"

    -- one study found that, out of 175 men convicted of abusing boys, NONE showed any preference for adult homosexual relationships.