Doug Robinson: Memo to NFL: Time to change Redskins' name

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    Oct. 10, 2013 10:15 p.m.

    We are PC-ing our country to death. Come on, Robinson, please let it go.

  • Brightpath Saint George, UT
    Oct. 10, 2013 5:16 p.m.

    test test does this work or are the mods blocking me

  • Brightpath Saint George, UT
    Oct. 10, 2013 5:07 p.m.

    You must of saw the ESPN report on that. That still doesn't make it right. I come from 2 tribes and it is offensive to me, my family and my people. I thought there would be more support on this board for the 1st nations people. It's not about being PC, its about doing the right thing. This name has gone on long enough! It's time to change this racist name.

  • H-man Shreveport, LA
    Oct. 10, 2013 2:40 p.m.

    The mascot for the high school in Red Mesa, Arizona, is the Redskins. That's right--the Red Mesa Redskins! So why all the fuss about the Washington Redskins. In northern Arizona we have a high school on the reservation using this supposedly derogatory and offensive term as a term of respect and honor to salute the bravery and courage of their sports teams. If these native Americans are okay with the term, why are outsiders so upset with what a team in Washington, DC, calls itself. Political correctness run amok indeed!

  • Big J Bountiful, UT
    Oct. 10, 2013 12:15 p.m.

    I see no reason to change anything. On the other hand, if the owner wants to change the name that is fine too.

    People choose to be offended at many things. And I mean CHOOSE. The name of the team has no bearing on how one should think of themselves. I know of a team called the “All Blacks” and yet “Whiteskins” play on it and are proud to do so. Maybe they should change the name to the “All Kiwis.” And what about my beloved “Cowboys?” I’m sure real cowboys might take offense because the team can’t seem to win.

    Seems like a slow news day.

  • coleman51 Orem, UT
    Oct. 10, 2013 11:46 a.m.

    Doug, get off of your political correctness hype. There is absolutely no concerns for the name of Redskins other than those who want to enhance their careers in the main stream media in order to get employed by some left-wing rag (including the New York Times). The fans, the management, and the players could care less. Stick to writing real sports stories instead of taking lessons from the Josef Goebbels school of propaganda media. Your readership find it offensive for such trash to appear in print.

  • Carnak Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 10, 2013 11:38 a.m.

    Don't change a thing.

  • baddog Cedar Rapids, IA
    Oct. 10, 2013 6:03 a.m.


    Not only hurt feelings but political correctness are undermining our ability to get along with each other. I hear what Robinson says, but much worse than being called a "Redskin" is the false outrage of political correctness.

    I must be old school. If I were of an ethnicity that was given positive recognition as the mascot name of a professional sports team, I'd see that an honor and a means of continuing cognizance of who I am.

    Political correctness fosters victimization. We have too many "victims" akready who feed at the government trough and demand compensation for their hurt feelings.

  • Pipes Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 10, 2013 5:02 a.m.

    I'd certainly take offense if someone named a team after me to honor my courage and nobility.

  • bvp3us Mission Viejo, CA
    Oct. 10, 2013 12:48 a.m.

    The Redskins are the team that Dan Snyder owns. He purchased the team and he has the right to keep the name if he wants to. If people are offended with the Redskins name, the best way they can show the owner that they dont approve, is with their wallets- simply dont go to games. If the stadium is empty, he'll get the message. But guess what Doug? The stadium is full. The fans speak weekly and if the product the fans want, is on the field and they support it by purchasing merchandise and tickets, then why does Dan Snyder have to change the name of the team? My guess is that most of the people that are so offended, dont even care about football. And if he changed the names to the Red Hawks, that wouldn't draw them go to games anyway.

  • Brightpath Saint George, UT
    Oct. 9, 2013 7:51 p.m.

    Its about time they change this name. Very offensive to our 1st nations Show some respect WASHINGTON!

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Oct. 9, 2013 7:48 p.m.

    Nursing hurt feelings is destroying this country.