Shutdown fever grips Washington, DC

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  • 3grandslams Iowa City, IA
    Oct. 6, 2013 8:32 a.m.

    The GOP is standing up against a system that nobody wants and are tired of it being forced upon them as if they are on a waterboard.

    We fought a tyrannical government in 1776. We are ready to do it again!

  • bandersen Saint George, UT
    Oct. 1, 2013 9:31 a.m.

    Foolish people: To think that there is any difference between the Democratic party and the Republican party is a stunning admittance of the ignorance of the electorate. If the Tea party is responsible for the howling going on in Washington, then please Tea party, keep the heat on. Anytime somebody is screaming in Washington is a sure sign that somebody else is disturbing the power structure. Whoever that 'somebody' is, he/she has my vote. I'm not sure most of the liberal progressives even understand the term tyranny, let alone believe that it actually can occur. History is something that just happens, but can never be repeated. How naive. There is none so blind as he who won't see.

  • ute alumni paradise, UT
    Oct. 1, 2013 9:20 a.m.

    shut down? really? all "essential"departments are open. so why do we have non "essential departments to start with? feds have run amuck. i for one can live without the feds controlling every aspect of my life. Parks? they should be run and controlled in the states that they are in. other than closing federal parks, i haven't heard of anyone crying about anything else.

  • Worn out 123 Farmington, MO
    Oct. 1, 2013 9:06 a.m.

    Under the mostly ignored constitution who controls the keys to spending? Who is suppose to approve the budget? Why are certain people exempt from Obamacare? Why should they be exempt? Is congress creating a superior class of people, themselves.? Is a simple majority ALWAYS right? If so, then why bother with a congress and president. Why not simply vote every issue. The president has been making changes to the health care laws right along. Why the rush to fund this health issue with little regard for the house? As I understand it they want everyone to be in it as a matter of fairness. Gee, now that is a radical concept; no favoritism. How about it Senate? Should you want us to fly coach while congress and the supreme court flies 1st class? Okay, that sounds unfair enough to me.

  • TrueAmerican56 Corpus Christi, TX
    Oct. 1, 2013 8:43 a.m.

    Actually, here is the problem in a nutshell, if the HealthCare Bill is SOOOOO Bad, then next year the possiblity is pretty good Republicans will take over the Senate and House, not likely to happen, but a possibility, so why play this stupid game of not compromising? I think the answer is that the Tea Republicans actually think it might work, after all it was originally a REAL Republican plan, so trying to end it before the next election is the top of their priority. The current goal of the Republican party is to end the Middle Class, that is a fact, not saying that due to partisanship, its a very careful observation over 40 years of watching my Republican party change.

  • Fred44 Salt Lake City, Utah
    Oct. 1, 2013 8:24 a.m.


    Funny how the truth is not what you tell. At this point there is no exact increase in insurance premiums that can be directly attributed to the ACA. There is no responsible person predicting anywhere near a 100% increase, let alone a 1000% increase. According to the insurance broker we use for our company, the increase will be in the 1-2% range, and that could be temporary. Giving 30 million Americans insurance should actually allow my premiums to go down, because I am no longer being overcharged by hospitals and other health care providers to pay for them.

    It is funny that the republicans are so concerned about certain people (the poor) paying their own way in life but are ok with giving people who choose to have large families big tax breaks so they don't have to pay their own way in life. I guess their are good entitlement programs and bad entitlement programs, and fortunately we have the republicans to help us knwo the difference.

  • TRUTH Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 1, 2013 7:42 a.m.

    Funny how liberals will drop their car insurance if they can save a buck......but are bent if GOP complains that obamacare will double almost all current premiums! obamacare is the equivalent of the govt. taking over all car insurance and charging everyone 100% to 1000% times more than the private insurers.......and the Libs who have no car insurance think that the govt. option is a good deal, it's all a matter of perspective....those who pay their own way in life versus those who expect someone else to pay for them!

  • Tyler D Meridian, ID
    Oct. 1, 2013 6:29 a.m.

    After months of Republicans refusing (blocking) all attempts to go to committee to negotiate the difference between the House and Senate budgets, they are once again resorting to “taking hostages” in their desperate attempt to stop Obamacare by any means necessary – and since their efforts to do so within the bounds of the Constitution have failed, they are now showing their true colors (i.e., the Constitution does not apply to them… their vision of government is all that matters).

    Republican propaganda media – “The Democrats don’t want to negotiate with us (because the gun to their head is off-putting) and are being intractable.”

    Reality based media – “Negotiating with hostage takers will only empower them to take more hostages in the future.”

    I wonder if it’s clear yet that this current crop of Republicans are disdainful of not only the Constitution (and the process it lays out for passing laws) but the statesmanship necessary to compromise (as Madison designed it) and democracy in general.

  • Iron Rod Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 1, 2013 6:16 a.m.

    I hope Senator Lee is happy.

  • one vote Salt Lake City, UT
    Oct. 1, 2013 5:33 a.m.

    This is a taste of how the tea party would govern. Shutdown the tea party now.

  • DougH2 Lithonia, GA
    Oct. 1, 2013 5:15 a.m.

    There is no saving face for the Republicans. The dog was not supposed to catch the car. But now it's too late. As the GOP chews on the tire of the moving car, they get run over with every revolution of that tire.

    "Defund. No? Delay. No? How about squatting on our staffers to make a point. There, that will show them."

    These people are sorry excuses for legislators. They should all be drummed out of office for succumbing to peer pressure.