UDOT expands areas with 80 mph speed limits

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  • NedGrimley Brigham City, UT
    Sept. 19, 2013 9:32 a.m.

    I am eternally grateful for those who have determined that they should decide whether I obey the traffic laws or not and, therefore, belligerently hang out in the left lane, puddling along and talking on their cell phone. (sarcasm font)

    Self righteous do gooders cause more problems than they resolve. What it comes down to is this: If you are being passed on the right, or a trail of cars is backed up behind you, you are travelling in the wrong lane, regardless of the speed limit. Move to the right.

  • joseywales Park City, UT
    Sept. 18, 2013 10:31 p.m.

    BSR- It has been shown time and again that traffic spread out moving at different speeds is the cause of many accidents and also the reason traffic starts to back up. However, if you move the slower traffic to the right where it belongs, those that choose to drive faster, can do so, and traffic flows more freely. There is nothing worse than someone in the left lane going the same exact speed as the guys to the right, it causes congestion. What you are is one of the problem who wants "ownership" of a lane of travel, if you are going to drive slower than the flow of traffic, then please move to the right. Utah has started to finally post signs along freeways telling slower drivers to move to the right. I think what you and many like you need to understand is it isn't the "limit" it's the flow of traffic. Sometimes the flow is at freeway speeds of 65-70, and others it's under that, but if you are driving slower than the flow, then get the over! Remember, UHP is there to enforce, not you!

  • Brave Sir Robin San Diego, CA
    Sept. 18, 2013 10:06 a.m.


    "People in this state think that they own the lane they are currently traveling in."

    You DO own the lane you're currently traveling in - you need to repeat driver's ed. If I'm going 65 (which is the speed LIMIT) and you come up behind me doing 75, I'm not obligated to get out of your way. Flashing your lights isn't going to get me to move, either.

    Some of you need to remember that the speed limit is the upper limit, not the lower limit.

  • EDM Castle Valley, Utah
    Sept. 18, 2013 3:29 a.m.

    But not on I-70 from Green River to the Colorado border?

  • joseywales Park City, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 9:46 p.m.

    What about left lane hogs? And those in the HOV lanes that drive slower than the traffic to the right of them? These are the culprits behind much aggressive driving, as those that get bottle necked behind them have to resort to risky maneuvers to get around them. I love it when I'm moving along and flash my lights at the slow people in head of me, and instead of moving over, they give me the finger and hit their brakes. People in this state think that they own the lane they are currently traveling in.

  • NedGrimley Brigham City, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 4:47 p.m.

    Ooooo. Can we talk about the HOV lane speeds?

  • procuradorfiscal Tooele, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 4:37 p.m.

    Re: "UDOT expands areas with 80 mph speed limits"

    Now, if we could just get them to expand the 80 mph speed limit to paved state highways in Tooele, Juab, Millard, Beaver, and Iron counties, at least during the day, in areas more than 5 miles from town -- that would be an actual accomplishment.

    I know, I know, those county sheriffs have all those shiny new patrol vehicles to pay off, by extorting fines from people that are not doing anything unsafe. But, if they'd make it legal to drive the speeds people safely drive now, they wouldn't need all those shiny SUVs and police cruisers to begin with.

    Then, there's the real problem -- most UDOT employees, from the director on down, truly believe they'll fall off the edge of the world if they venture more than a mile or two West of the Jordan River. And that any UDOT nickel spent anywhere but along the Wasatch Front, is a nickel wasted.

    Oh, well. I can dream, can't I?

  • Zaruski SLC, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 3:41 p.m.

    Forget speed limits. How about we implement speed "requirements"?
    As in, don't make it to the end of the on ramp going 40mph, and wonder why nobody lets you merge from the weaving lane onto the freeway.

    And don't slow down to 50mph in the middle of the freeway because you are trying to exit, when there is a whole off ramp with plenty of distance for you to slow down.

    Most traffic in SLC is caused around big freeway entrances because people don't know how to properly use on/off ramps and weaving lanes.