History of the rivalry: The top 15 BYU vs. Utah football games

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  • gdog3finally West Jordan, Utah
    Sept. 17, 2013 8:02 p.m.

    Plus no video of the second 34-31 affair. Most the games BYU won in the last 20 years, which is few are still listed here. And many of Utah's wins are left out Desnews. 2008 was arguably the most relevant of all the games is absent as well. One BYU win left out was the Luke Staley down the sidelines TD that capped off a rally down two scores in the final 5 minutes. Go figure.

  • gonefishn Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 5:18 p.m.

    The Utes went 8-5 and won the Sun Bowl. BYU on the other hand, padded their ego and schedule the rest of that year. If you were anything close to above average you beat BYU that year.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 5:16 p.m.

    Last year the U destroyed the Y. I suspect this year will be different but I still see the U coming out on top in a close game. U has better athletes and program overall. Y offense won't move the ball well against the U secondary. Too much speed.

  • Uteology East Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 17, 2013 4:29 p.m.


    Salt Lake City, UT

    54-IQ simply proves the axiom that one game does not a season make.

    While BYU righted the ship and went on to have a pretty good season in 2010.


    Righted the ship? The last time you played a WORSE schedule you won a national title.

  • Uteology East Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 17, 2013 4:24 p.m.

    Best rivalry game ever?

    Rolling over BYU to accomplish their preseason Quest.

    That game kept on giving the next year when we made a certain QB cry.

  • ekute Layton, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 12:34 p.m.

    snack pac,

    What I do know is who has won the last 3 rivalry games and who all of the pressure is on this year. Go Utes, beat byu.

  • ArgoFY Salt Lake City, Utah
    Sept. 17, 2013 12:22 p.m.

    Of course Utah fans had to rush the home field three times last year. One time was for actually winning the game, while the other two were for the 2014 and 2015 seasons where Utah would have won too.

  • Snack PAC Olympus Cove, Utah
    Sept. 17, 2013 11:53 a.m.

    Cool Cat Cosmo

    Fortunately for them, the majority of Utah fans don't even know all of the words to their fight song.

  • Spokane Ute Spokane, WA
    Sept. 17, 2013 11:18 a.m.

    Best game ever? Simple, 54-10! That was sweeeet!

  • Cool Cat Cosmo Payson, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 11:01 a.m.

    @ ekute;

    You'd have to teach it to me, but you got it :)

  • Swoop Salt Lake City, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 9:27 a.m.

    54-IQ simply proves the axiom that one game does not a season make.

    While BYU righted the ship and went on to have a pretty good season in 2010, the Utes suffered debacle after debacle, culminating in getting dominated at home by a 10-loss team that hadn't won a road game in four years.

    When all was said and done, BYU finished in the Top 25 in the Coaches Poll and finished #26 in the AP Poll. Utah didn't get a single vote in either poll.

    Utah's "better coaches" and "superior athletes" can't even beat conference bottom dwellers like Colorado State, Wyoming, New Mexico, UNLV and Colorado on a consistent basis.

  • ekute Layton, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 9:17 a.m.

    I'll help you move your heavy object if you sing the Ute fight song first.

  • Cool Cat Cosmo Payson, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 9:02 a.m.

    Some "fans" (aka trolls) like to bash the opponent and pretend that somehow makes them better "fans."

    Let me be clear: such "fans" are the minority in this state. I'm proud to say that my neighbors and I may cheer for the opposite team in the Holy War / rivalry, but every other waking moment of our lives we are there for each other. Examples:

    I need to move a heavy object? He's the first one to offer to help.

    I see his kid running down the road? I'm the first to run after, chat with him, and remind him why it isn't safe as we walk back to his mother.

    My garage is left open? He'll kindly shut it and let me know about it...you get the idea.

    I love this state, I love BYU and Utah football, and almost ALL the fans I know are the same, cheering for each other the rest of the year, and exhibit true sportsmanship. Trolls cheer when the other teams gets an injury, loses, etc. True fans know how to cheer for both teams, win or lose.

    I'm looking forward to another great rivalry game.

  • 2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0 Ogden, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 8:34 a.m.

    One of my favorites was 54-10

    And byu fans to this day think Utah got lucky.

    Isn't it interesting that byu doesn't have any "lucky" 54-10 games over Utah lately?

    4-0 SWEEP over Van Noy and Hoffman

    That must be embarrassing for you byu fans. I know I'd be furious and terribly embarrassed if Whittingham went 0-4 against Bronco.

    We have better coaches and better athletes.

    byu players to emotionally fragile. As soon as something tough happens in the game, they cower into a corner and self destruct.

    It's going to be fun to watch byu self destruct again!

  • SportsFan Orem, UT
    Sept. 17, 2013 8:19 a.m.

    It's hilarious that the Utes had to count a "spring scrimmage" as a real game in order to even the BY Academy - UofU series at 3-3. Counting only actual games, BYA owned the series 3-2.

    The best game in the BYU-Utah series, without question, is Beck-to-Harline.