Dick Harmon: With BYU's schedule, wins could place Cougars in solid place

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  • The Solution Las Cruces, NM
    Aug. 29, 2013 12:02 p.m.

    Bleed Crimson - in 1984 when BYU won the NC outright, they beat a #3 ranked Pittsburgh team at the beginning of the year. Just because they ended up having a bad season after that loss does not take away the fact that BYU beat them while they were ranked. When wins are calculated into rankings, they go by the ranking of team at the time they played. Obviously, this has to be the case because nobody knows the final ranking outcome until the end of the season.

    Steven, recent history has taught us that there is no way a 10-2 BYU team will get an invite to a BCS bowl. They will take three SEC teams before that happens.

    In order for BYU to crack the BCS, they will have to do it the same way the Utes did it--go undefeated.

    I say go for it Cougs... it's our last chance as there will be no more BCS bowls after this year.

  • Steven S Jarvis Orem, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 9:00 p.m.


    You are welcome to check out ESPN or Foxsports if you need further help understanding what teams did last year. In regards to Georgia Tech most football minds consider it a very tough program to prepare for. Beating them is a quality win most years, and a marque win occasionally. That is because GT has national respect from coaches and journalists. BYU's victory over GT was impressive.

    I think you are ignoring most of BYU's opponents particularly USU. I'll break 2013 down for you.

    Team, perspective, likely finish

    Virginia--Solid (5-7)
    Texas--Marquee (9-3)
    Utah--Solid (4-8)
    Middle TN State--Quality (8-4)
    Utah State--Marquee (9-3)
    Georgia Tech--Quality (7-5)
    Houston--Solid (5-7)
    Boise State--Marquee (10-2)league champ
    Wisconsin--Marquee (9-3)
    Idaho State--Filler (2-10)
    ND--Marquee (9-3)
    Nevada--Solid (7-5)

    If BYU goes 10-2 with loses to ND and Wisconsin they should have three marquee wins (USU, TX, Boise) and quality wins over GT, MTS. BYU would be ranked in the top 15 and likely the top qualifier for the at large pool for a BCS bowl.

  • Blue Rampage Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 7:37 p.m.

    The addition of Cal as the last game of 2014 is a nice upgrade from playing the utes who, now that they are junior members of the Pac have "moved on."

  • Koloss Hampton, VA
    Aug. 26, 2013 5:22 p.m.

    Thanks Steven!
    I wasn't aware Georgia Tech didn't win the ACC championship. You're argument of basic math doesn't stand up to reason. Did voters care that Oregon beat 10-3 Arkansas State or 9-4 Fresno State? Ranked non-AQ teams at the end of the last year were mediocre at best against AQ teams, none better than .500. Boise State might be a win people would notice but mainly because of the profile the team has received. Simply put the wins against higher level opponents are lacking. That leaves us with Notre Dame, which you counted as a loss, Wisconsin, which you also counted as a loss, leaving you with Boise and Texas as you're only good wins. 2-2 in games people will notice. So you'll have 6 conference champions, PAC-12, SEC, ACC and/or Big 12 teams that will probably have one loss,and then Notre Dame, because in order for it to be a good loss they will probably have to be 11-1 or 10-2. BYU will have lost 2 of its final four games, beating an FCS team and a MWC team do you really think they'll finish in the top 16?

  • BruinRay97 San Diego, CA
    Aug. 26, 2013 4:53 p.m.

    That's a great looking schedule for 2013. Congrats on the home and home with CAL.

  • phantomblade Salt Lake City, Utah
    Aug. 26, 2013 1:29 p.m.


    Depending on which odds maker you're looking at, BYU is either a 1-point favoride, even odds, or a 1.5-point underdog.

    Feel free to bet the ranch on BYU losing if you're that confident.

  • Uteanymous Salt Lake City, Utah
    Aug. 26, 2013 1:02 p.m.

    According to SportsIllustrated bowl projections, BYU is scheduled to play three BCS bowl teams; Utah is scheduled to play two:

    Texas and Boise State (Fiesta)
    Notre Dame (Orange)

    Stanford (BCS championship) vs Alabama
    Oregon (Rose)

    BYU is projected to play USC in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl
    USU is projected to play W Va in the Poinsettia Bowl
    Utah is projected to play in their 2nd straight couch potato bowl

  • Tilka PORTLAND, OR
    Aug. 26, 2013 12:55 p.m.

    Anyone notice that BYU is an underdog at Virginia?

  • Spider Rico Greeley, CO
    Aug. 26, 2013 12:54 p.m.

    @Barney - My bad, obviously I have failed to keep up with my 1920's comic strips. To you and Snuffy Smith I meant no disrespect to your name. Speaking of looking it up, how can you not know who Spider Rico is? But I digress - a bridge built with the help of ESPN, a sate of the art production facility and a worldwide fanbase is not a bridge to nowhere.

  • Bleed Crimson Sandy, Utah
    Aug. 26, 2013 12:09 p.m.

    @ backpacn

    "the Utes didn't beat a single ranked team and only beat THREE teams with winning records, NONE with better than a 7-5 record. Sagarin only ranked Utah's 2004 SOS at #67"

    Not so backpacn! Utah beat #20 Pittsburgh in the Fiesta Bowl. Which is one more ranked team that Utah beat than the 84' Cougies. None of BYU's opponents in 84' finished ranked, the 04' Utes at least had Pittsburgh who finished ranked (#25).

    You Y fans are so obsessed with these Sagarin rankings. Those rankings are so meaningless and have no bearing on the regular season. The only rankings that matter are the BCS rankings (which determine who plays in BCS bowls and the National Championship Game).

  • Pavalova Surfers Paradise, AU
    Aug. 26, 2013 12:01 p.m.

    @WON84 - Cool stuff. Australia is pretty amazing. I think even the most loyal of U fans are sick of Chris B, Hedgehog, Naval, etc...

  • backpacn Sandy, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 11:29 a.m.


    What makes you think your arrogant opinion is any more valid than Steven S Jarvis's opinion?

    No team from a non-power conference had ever busted the BCS, until Utah did in 2004 playing a schedule that was WORSE than what BYU will likely face in 2014 - to qualify for the Fiesta Bowl, the Utes didn't beat a single ranked team and only beat THREE teams with winning records, NONE with better than a 7-5 record. Sagarin only ranked Utah's 2004 SOS at #67.

    Frankly, NOBODY, including our arrogant little friends on the hill, knows exactly how strong BYU's 2014 schedule will be.

    Utah was supposed to play #1-ranked USC in 2012, but ended up playing an unranked, 7-6 team that finished behind FIVE BYU opponents that were either unranked or ranked well below USC in the pre-season polls.

    Aug. 26, 2013 11:25 a.m.


    Surfers Paradise, AU

    U-Fan (Chris B): What are the chances of the U going to a bowl this year? Come on, level with me, one in a ten, or one in a hundred?
    Pac 12: More like one in a million
    U-Fan (Chris B): So you're telling me there's a chance. Yeah baby!!!"

    Surfers Paradise? Lucky you, I worked in the CBD in Melbourne for a couple of years.

    Anyways, Chris is on the record as stating Utah will go 8-4 and he will stop posting on BYU articles if they do not.

  • Barney Google Beaver, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 11:19 a.m.

    @Spider Rico


    Barneythedinasaur ? Nice try Peter Parker

    Spiderman you need to Google "Barney Google."

    You also wrote " Independence is a bridge to other possibilities" kinda like Alaska's bridge to nowhere.

  • Pavalova Surfers Paradise, AU
    Aug. 26, 2013 11:08 a.m.

    U-Fan (Chris B): What are the chances of the U going to a bowl this year? Come on, level with me, one in a ten, or one in a hundred?
    Pac 12: More like one in a million
    U-Fan (Chris B): So you're telling me there's a chance. Yeah baby!!!

  • Steven S Jarvis Orem, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 11:01 a.m.


    Georgia Tech has no shot huh?

    Were you watching college football LAST year? GT represented their division for the league title losing by a touchdown to FSU when the ball was tipped and picked off with under a minute to go. GT had no problem handling USC in the bowl. You probably looked at the 7-7 and judged them ignoring what actually happened in the games.

    Your argument that BYU's schedule won't stack up with BCS leagues ignores some basic math. Leagues overall go 50-50 in wins and losses to other league members. The only thing that matters to SOS is who the league plays outside in non-conference matches. The SEC typically schedules four games, three against weak teams (one FCS team). Each SEC team will likely have played 3-5 teams with losing records.

    2013's likely bad record/FCS teamake ms for BYU are Utah (5-7), Idaho State, Virginia (5-7) and Houston (5-7). 2014 has an even better mix of bowl eligible teams. If the cards fall right Utah, VA and Houston win six. How often can a team say they beat 9 or more bowl teams?

  • Spider Rico Greeley, CO
    Aug. 26, 2013 9:04 a.m.

    Not talking about independence for BYU is like not talking about the PAC12 for y'all. Don't be silly. Just because an article talks about the purple elephant in the room doesn't mean it is trying to "sell" us on independence. Independence is a bridge to other possibilities. Right now I love it because I get to see BYU play a lot of teams they have never played before. Just because you think BYU is in a terrible situation doesn't make it so - after all you are obviously biased. Looking forward to the season!

  • shorts Payson, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 7:20 a.m.

    RE: MyPerspective
    Salt Lake City, UT

    2014, UConn, Texas, Virginia, Huston, USU, Nevada, BSU, MTS, Southern Miss, UNLV, UCF.
    2015, Nebraska, BSU, Michigan, USU, Southern Miss, Cincinnati, UConn and UNLV

    It is still better than being in the MWC.

  • Eddie Syracuse, UT
    Aug. 26, 2013 4:33 a.m.

    Sorry, I mis-spoke, it just seems that the Utes have lost so many games and after listening to their fan base talk of PAC 12 championships and rose bowls, plus not to mention ALLthe other sports championships they have enjoyed, I just got a little confused. I mean, there are so many sports at the u that are going for NC in their respective fields that I just couldn't count them all. Then I thought about their trophy case over flowing with hardware. They are so much on the national scene, I lost track of where they were!

  • Koloss Hampton, VA
    Aug. 26, 2013 4:17 a.m.

    Steven S Jarvis
    Are you serious? Have you watched any football the last 15 years since the BCS started? No non-AQ team with 2 losses has played in a BCS game and the only reason NIU did it with 1 loss was because they lost their opener and went on a 12 game win streak. Georgia Tech has no shot at winning the ACC. BYU's schedule isn't as good as any team from one of the power conferences.
    1984 BYU was unranked at the beginning of the season. No team they beat ended the season ranked.
    Furthermore BYU will probably go 4-8 this year.
    Once again, are you serious?

  • I-am-I South Jordan, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 11:18 p.m.

    My prediction is 8-5. BYU can call it a success if they squeeze past Utah. They don't seem to ever have the capability to rise up and pummel even the most inferior of Ute teams. BYU's curse is fear of the big game. Utah's curse is consistency. In any given year they'll beat a better BYU team (or a top 10 team) and then lose to Utah State (or another program that they shouldn't lose to). To the Aggie's credit last year's USU team was very well-coached team and I think the program is getting better.

  • Steven S Jarvis Orem, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 10:14 p.m.


    I never thought a two loss team would play in a BCS game but it happened last year. Its not too hard to imagine BYU going 10-2 with losses to Wisconsin and ND being the top non-AQ team going to a BCS game, especially if GT wins the ACC. Win the BCS bowl then start the next season ranked in the top 20 and move on up.

    There are four teams that will be in the playoff. None will likely be undefeated most years. I expect a SEC champion with two losses (Alabama), The winner of Oregon/Stanford (one loss) as the easy picks in. The champs from the ACC and Big 12 will likely have two or three losses. Ohio State is the usual BIG 10 champ. A one loss BYU following a successful 2013 campaign would certainly enter in the discussion.

    You do realize why BYU won the 1984 title? BYU had three great years preceding the undefeated one giving them a high start in the '84 polls. The Cougars continued to climb. With a playoff, the climb only has to be top four which BYU certainly can do.

  • There You Go Again Saint George, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 10:02 p.m.

    "...So, bottom line?

    The big picture is that BYU is in a good place.

    It ultimately gets better if it wins...".

    Another amazing conclusion/prediction issued from an amazing writer.

  • Koloss Hampton, VA
    Aug. 25, 2013 9:11 p.m.

    A team thats highlights include beating UCF would not get into the playoff especially with one loss. 2004 Utah wouldn't have made it because they were ranked #6 at the end of the season even though they were undefeated. If that one loss is to Boise or Texas they wouldn't have been able to beat the toughest team they played. If they lost to UNLV or Southern Miss nobody would take them serious because they would have a loss to a garbage team. Their schedule wont be as hard as any team in the Power 5 conferences. 9 of 10 Big 12 teams went bowling, 8 from the Pac-12. Who is really gonna finish their season against BYU? An FCS team. The independence delusion continues.

  • Steven S Jarvis Orem, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 8:17 p.m.


    2014 is a stronger schedule with a game still to be announced than what Utah played in 2004 because most of the teams on that list are frequently bowl eligible or better at the end of the season. Texas, USU (If Keaton stays), UCF and Boise State are the marquee match-ups. IF the Cougars get a great opponent for the last game, the schedule is comparable to the one the Utes had in 2008.

    BYU still needs to set themselves up by winning the games before them. If they do that, great thinks can happen.

  • Koloss Hampton, VA
    Aug. 25, 2013 7:28 p.m.

    Steven S Jarvis

    If BYU goes 11-2 this year and then 11-1 in 2014 there is a good chance that BYU gets into the Championship playoff. Holmoe knows what he is doing with the way he set up these schedules. This year is about setting up the next for greater rewards.

    Have you seen BYU's schedule next year? It's as bad as the '11 one! There is no way that they would be considered a top 4 team if they lost with that schedule. Heck, even if they went 12-0 they would miss it. UCF, Middle Tenn, UNLV, Southern Miss, Houston, UConn. They play 2 teams from the Power 5 conferences. You really think they'd get in over a one-loss SEC, PAC12, Big 12, ACC or Big 10 team? They'd probably have to go undefeated 2 straight seasons and win every game by at least 2 scores.
    However, a 12-1 Utah Pac-12 champion would absolutely make. Utah doing that is probably just as likely as BYU going 22-3 over the next 2 seasons but they'd still make it in. Independence is horrible!

  • Undefeated Hyrum, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 6:42 p.m.

    From reading all the comments, I think "winning is the key," is the key but only for independents????

  • Tom in CA Vallejo, CA
    Aug. 25, 2013 6:32 p.m.

    Does anyone know the KICKOFF time on September 21???

  • Mark321 Las Vegas, NV
    Aug. 25, 2013 6:17 p.m.

    BYU will be in good shape if a Division 4 is created. Heck, they may not have to receive an invite into a conference to get in, they may get in by being independent. if Notre Dame joins a conference then BYU should worry about an invite. As long as they don't cave and have losing below .500 season they should be fine. You can't tell me that a top 25 team in game attendance, that has recorded more wins in the last 40 years than all but four other FBS programs, and a team that has finished ranked in a major poll 18 times in that period (a number eclipsed by only 12 other teams) won't make the Division 4? BYU will be in and may not have to join one of the Big conferences to get there.

  • SamoanYfan WEST JORDAN, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 1:46 p.m.


    Really? Lower end of BCS conferences and Texas and Wisconsin? I'm assuming you're a Ute fan and if you are then the PAC-12 is pretty much that same thing...lower BCS teams with Oregon and USC...and now Stanford. It really should be the PAC-3 because that's all it's ever been and will be. But please do not get me wrong I'd rather be at the bottom of the PAC-12 than be Independent like you guys because "its better to lose every game in the PAC-12 than be Independent." Ain't that right?

  • PAC12Fan South Jordan, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 1:06 p.m.

    Dick Harmon: With (put any team here) schedule, wins could place (put any name here) in solid place!

    There you have it. Nice job Richard!

  • Steven S Jarvis Orem, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 12:33 p.m.


    If BYU goes 11-2 this year and then 11-1 in 2014 there is a good chance that BYU gets into the Championship playoff. Holmoe knows what he is doing with the way he set up these schedules. This year is about setting up the next for greater rewards.

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 11:52 a.m.

    Yes, Eddie was wrong. Don't be so hard on him. It's the thought that counts. Not much difference between 3 in a row as opposed to 2 in a row.

    I'm looking forward to BYU's schedule and their no huddle hurry up offense. Just the pace with good execution could be the difference needed to eek out some more wins. I'm definitely looking forward to this great lineup of teams to play this year. Tom Holmoe has done a great job for this season's schedule.

    Wins against some of these teams can only serve to improve recruiting and national attention, both necessary to improve BYU's standing on the national stage.

    Now you Utesies just need to be patient and watch what BYU does with better coaching, 2 star talent, and an honor code. I'm pretty sure it will be another successful football season and BYU will be outranking U for the umpteenth time, maybe even a break thru rivalry win will come this year.

    And U guys will be working on another 'stellar' < .500 season with new banners for the lightpoles in SLC.

  • Barney Google Beaver, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 11:51 a.m.

    "With BYU's schedule, wins could place Cougars in solid place"

    If independence was so great for BYU, then why do the local sports writers write articles like this to sell independence? Are BYU fans really that insecure about their football programs future, that they need these feel good articles?

  • Ernest T. Bass Bountiful, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 11:11 a.m.

    Every team we play is always really tough which shows how awesome we always are.

  • STuFOO Korea, AE
    Aug. 25, 2013 7:57 a.m.


    Yeah, you're right. Past performance is the only indicator of future success. Whatever is in the past, can only happen in the future. The last 3 years are the only results that matter and no matter how hard you work, you just can't change.

    After all, since utah went from being an absolute nothing in college football,to having a perfect season, no other team is allowed to even think about having all the pieces come together and be successful for them. Alas, no college team since utah has done anything special or noteworthy since 2008. No body has upset anybody. Nobody has won games they should not have, and nobody has garnered the attention of the nation...

    ...only utah.

    We are indebted to you so much for your wisdom. We are so glad that you grace us with your presence.


    No wonder the PAC 12 people I know all over the world hate utah.

  • TWinston West Valley, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 7:27 a.m.

    Eddie: "I love my independent BYU! It sue beats being the door mat of the PAC 10.2. No bowl games in two....make that three years in a row after this year...."

    Another example of a y grad that cannot count. Let me help you.... Utah missed a bowl game last year. Now hold up one finger.... That is one.....not two.......not three...... Are you the same guy that thinks byu has 3 NCs and 2 BCS wins?

  • TWinston West Valley, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 7:17 a.m.

    If a "Super Conference" does get created and byu is invited, will they come? The new conference will be all about money. If you think they are going to give byu broadcast rights to their games, you're crazy! So which will it be big time football/$$$$ or missionary tool? My guess is you'll take the $$$$.

  • MyPerspective Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 7:04 a.m.

    Still trying to sell independence. LOL!

    The formula Harmon proposes applies equally to every team in the country. What byu has on their schedule are teams at the lower end of their BCS conference and Texas and Wisconsin. This schedule is not all that impressive and just wait until byu fans finally realize what Holmoe and ESPN has in store for them for 2014.

  • Hey Baby Franklin, IN
    Aug. 25, 2013 4:05 a.m.

    Uteology is right on Texas...4th in the 12...not rivaling OKState.
    VA...2nd to last in a basketball conference last year.

    And lastly...Eddie, Utah played in a bowl game. 2 years ago we played a d beat GeorgiaTech...BYU fans posted that GT sucked! Always have a d always will suck! Now they are on your schedule and they are an elite football program!

    Delusional fans down south

  • Tomahawk Red North Salt Lake, UT
    Aug. 25, 2013 1:06 a.m.


    You lose so much credibility when you demonstrate your lack of knowledge like that.

    Go ahead and check 2011 again pal. Utah won the Sun Bowl.

    So, your foolish pipe dream statement of "three straight years without a bowl game after this season" completely throws your post out the window.

  • Tom in CA Vallejo, CA
    Aug. 25, 2013 12:59 a.m.

    chrissy get used to being a perennial bottom feeder in your new digs. you can bad mouth the Mighty Cougars all you want, but that won't change the status of your trotting utes dwelling at the bottom of the heap for years to come. the closest you will come to the rose bowl is whenever you go there to get beat by UCLA.

    and then comes basketball, which will only add insult to injury. especially when you play BYU and get pounded by them as well.

  • Uteology East Salt Lake City, Utah
    Aug. 24, 2013 8:45 p.m.

    "the Longhorns are expected to challenge Oklahoma State for the Big 12 title." -- Dick Harmon

    Actually Big 12 media picked Texas to finish 4th:

    "Oklahoma State has been picked to win its second Conference championship in the 2013 Big 12 Football Preseason Poll, voted on by media representatives who cover the Conference... Oklahoma tallied eight top votes and 355 points to finish second in the preseason rankings...TCU was chosen third with nine first-place votes and 347 points while Texas placed fourth"

  • CougFaninTX Frisco, TX
    Aug. 24, 2013 8:45 p.m.

    I'm as big of a fan as there is, but a little reality check for my fellow fans - 10-2 will not get a BCS bowl. 11-1 is questionable depending on the records of the #2 teams in the big conferences.

    This years schedule is a dream. Next years isn't too bad either. Initially I was worried about being left out of the super conferences, but now I'm starting to think we may be able to bridge the gap as an independent.

    But winning is the key. Eight or nine wins this year would be great. But next, we more experience with the new offense and a slightly easier schedule, the Cougs should win 10 or 11. And with a little magic, who knows.

  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Aug. 24, 2013 8:25 p.m.

    Why would BYU want a conference affiliation?

    Yuck! Independence is great!

  • Darth Vader Ogden, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 7:31 p.m.

    I'm exicited for the toughest schedule in BYU history.

    Go Cougs!

  • canadiancougar624 Provo, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 7:20 p.m.

    Hey Chris if you need a job my company is hiring. I wouldn't mind hiring a Utah fan especially if it means getting you off of these boards!!

  • Mountainman56 Alpine, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 7:20 p.m.

    This year's schedule is exactly what Holmoe promised us when he announced BYU was going independent. This is the year we have all been waiting for not just since going independent but really forever. There were times when we put together a pretty good schedule as part of the WAC or MWC but we still had to play Wyoming and New Mexico and UNLV etc. every year too. Everyone on this year's schedule other than Idaho St. is at least respectable and has an opportunity for a solid season and no one can reasonably debate that having Virginia, Texas, Utah State, Georgia Tech., Boise St., Notre Dame and Wisconsin on the schedule isn't a great thing. My only complaint with this year's schedule is that the only game agains a PAC 12 member is against a bottom dweller. Too bad we don't have Oregon St., UCLA, Arizona, Washington or USC on the schedule as we have in recent years and will again in years to come.

  • mindgames Aurora, CO
    Aug. 24, 2013 6:54 p.m.

    7 days to go and the anticipation for a great year brought back KVN and Hoffman.

    The schedule is perfect for national exposure and with a projected 10-2 record they will be recognized as a top 10 team and a good shot at a BCS bowl. This will be the stepping stone BYU will need to keep them in front of any talk about Super Conferences.

    Go COUGARS!!! BYU 43-7 over the Utsies.

  • Rockarolla West Jordan, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 6:35 p.m.

    Chris B. You sure talk allot for a guy who's team went 5-7 last year and who may not reach that many wins this year. Like the Old Utah team of the past, the Utes will get up for the Cougars and then lay a season long egg. Many experts have the Utes only winning 3 Games this year.

    Maybe, Chris B., you should worry about your own teams problems instead of knocking the Cougars. This year I predict a big win for the Cougars in the rivalry game. Something like 28-0.

    Of course guys like you always get more out of tearing others down to try and make yourself look better...sad, sad, sad.

  • Black&Blue St George, Utah
    Aug. 24, 2013 6:14 p.m.

    I love Independence. High profile games all over the country with all the exposure and flexibility that just doesn't come while tied down in a conference.
    That being said, Independence is a double edged sword. Exposure is not a good thing if BYU continues to have 7-6 or 8-5 seasons. But with the competition BYU is getting on the schedule, 9 or more wins is a successful season. 11 wins guarantees a BCS bowl berth.

  • Eddie Syracuse, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 6:07 p.m.

    I love my independent BYU! It sue beats being the door mat of the PAC 10.2. No bowl games in two....make that three years in a row after this year, and then trying to recruit after all that. Yes our great Independent BYU will be seen Nation wide AND playing Nation wide, something some other team in the state can just dream about, just like playing in a bowl game.

    Aug. 24, 2013 5:48 p.m.

    It will be interesting to see if a new offensive scheme can come together in its first year. If BYU can also maintain a great defense then they have a good chance of being ranked this year. You never know until actual games are played, but I am excited to find out! Let the season begin, go Cougars!

  • Trouble Vancouver, WA
    Aug. 24, 2013 4:59 p.m.

    BYU took the riskier path by going independent and the rewards of that choice are commensurate with risk. They get the exposure they crave, plus they don't have to split the TV revenue with other conference members. They could have chosen to join a conference but they would have had to lower their standards by allowing Sunday play and they would lose the broadcast rights to all their home games for all sports, not just football. Tom Holmoe has said it is more work being independent, but they have done exceptionally well with that choice.

    Go . . . Utes.

  • idablu Idaho Falls, ID
    Aug. 24, 2013 4:45 p.m.

    Harmon has nailed it--The opportunity is there. We just have to win.

    However, if the current BCS conferences are not courting BYU because of their "baggage"--No-Sunday-Play rule and demand for rebroadcasting rights--it is unlikely we'll be courted by a super conference, no matter who we beat.

    Also, a major player in this whole super conference play--Texas--probably isn't thinking too highly of BYU right now over BYU's pulling online credits from one of their starters.

  • SamoanYfan WEST JORDAN, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 4:32 p.m.

    It doesn't matter because they don't belong to the Elite, Most Prestigious and Revered BCS conference, hence their irrelevance...ain't that right Chris B.? I mean, if they were in conference like that then it wouldn't matter if they win or not because "it's better to lose every game in the PAC-12 than to be independent."

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 4:10 p.m.

    Pretty much a repeat of the article a few days ago that "all byu needs to do is win to get national recognition"


    Bronco's byu record against top 25 teams: .200

    What makes byu fans believe this year you'll win more than 2 games max against Utah, Boise, Texas, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, and Boise?

    Certainly not history!

    But then again, you guys didn't have "go fast go hard" in the past did you?

    That will probably make a big difference. All you were missing was catchy phrases.

  • Chris B Salt Lake City, UT
    Aug. 24, 2013 4:04 p.m.


    This is kind of like byu fans getting excited for "go fast go hard" as if simply coming up with a catchy phrase will be indicative of performance on the field.

    Remember how well "quest for perfection" turned out. Well actually it did turn out, for UTAH!

    Think about the most athletic and best teams byu has played over the last several years(TCU, Florida State, Texas, Notre Dame, Utah, Boise, Utah State, San Jose State)

    Isn't byu something like 2-12 against these teams the last 3 years?

    And byu fan are excited that they have an enough tougher schedule?

    LOL. I am too!