Book review: 'Upon Destiny's Song' a thinly told tale of pioneer hardship

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  • Pete234 Sandy, UT
    Aug. 12, 2013 9:26 a.m.

    ...Of the many that crossed the plains, few suffered hardships like those mentioned in the book review. Most enjoyed the trip, Those that failed to plan such as leaving late in the year knew they could face problems like bad weather. By the time the handcarts started, their had been much knowledge about getting to Zion, Brigham Young should not have let them go till the next year. If you left in May you would arrive in Aug. or Sept. There are many more stories of enjoyment than suffering to be told, why do the Saints always bring up the bad part. Yes some suffered but most did not. My great grand father came with Willford Woodruff, I like the story where he caught thirty fish in thirty minutes, they ate buffalo, ducks, geese, deer, picked berries along the trail, baked bread, fresh eggs as some had chickens, pork, as some had pigs they sang songs, danced, fell in love all the way to Zion. Poor suffering Mormons was just poor planning. Thanks