Lone Peak, De'Ron Davis headline Great Western Shootout to be held at Orem High School

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  • jpal1397 ,
    Aug. 10, 2013 12:14 p.m.

    This tournament has a couple good teams and a lot of ordinary Utahn HS teams in it in the past. I wouldn't call it the "best tournament in the country". That is called overhyped promotions. LP will just be average this year too. One standout player in TJ Haws. Golden Holt does a good job of promoting his events. Just a little on the exaggerated side me thinks.

  • gamer PROVO, UT
    Aug. 6, 2013 4:13 p.m.

    Top 16 year old in the nation will be fun to watch.. But my money will be with LP winning this tournament after losing 4 of their 5 starters from last year.

  • UU32 Bountiful, UT
    Aug. 6, 2013 9:12 a.m.

    OK, editing would be nice -- Lone Peak was the best in the country - not just the county (although that is factually correct as well). Also Haws, Nixon and Andrus have not yet "signed" - they have committed to sign. To sign before Nov. would be impossible.