Christian rights group wants Scotland Yard to protect street preachers

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    Aug. 4, 2013 7:43 a.m.

    A simple complaint is not enough justification to arrest someone for "disturbing the peace." The article said there was an obscenity from the complainer. If that's true, and the preacher's speech was disruptive, then so was the obscenity and both should have been arrested. If we, however, allow scenarios like that to occur, we'll all be in jail 24/7. And like the concluding scene of Hamlet, there will be no one left to pull the stage curtain--officers of the peace will all be in there with the rest of us.

  • Contrarius mid-state, TN
    Aug. 3, 2013 9:09 a.m.

    We don't know the details of this case -- was the preacher getting in the faces of the shoppers? Was he accosting them individually? Was he simply standing away from people extolling his beliefs? -- and I don't know how Free Speech protections work in the UK, but in principle I'm with the preacher on this one.

    As the old saying goes -- I may fight to the death against what he was saying, but I will also fight to the death to protect his right to say it. Religious or not, he had the right to say it -- AS LONG AS he was simply standing there talking, rather than actually creating a disturbance.

  • A Scientist Provo, UT
    Aug. 2, 2013 4:37 p.m.

    That Christian preachers have freedom of speech BECAUSE they are Christian preachers is patently absurd.

    They should have as much freedom of speech as any common person, regardless of religious affiliation. But if ANY person engages in speech that results in a disturbance of the peace, then they can be arrested.

    "News reports of the arrest in early July stated that Miano was arrested after a passerby complained."

    If your preaching is causing complaints among passers-by, then it is not preserving the peace.

    Religious zealots will continue to push the boundaries of propriety in the name of "religious freedom" - by which they mean that religion should have SPECIAL "freedoms" above and beyond those enjoyed by others.

    And the more they do, they more resistance they will meet.