Mormon Parenting: Kids need to know ancestry, pioneers or not

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    Aug. 2, 2013 5:08 p.m.

    Excellent! This article recalls to mind a statement attributed to S. Grover Rich: “A people unaware of its past can never grasp the future.” That thought extends the Eyre’s excellent points to encouraging reading, not simply for pleasure, but to fill that “inherent need to be part of something larger than themselves.”
    The same can be said for the study of history, from family to local to state to country to world—not an empty recitation of dates, people, and events, but as the stories of others going before relate to the specific life of the student.
    This exposure is especially important to those who, for whatever reason, lack a solid association with a nuclear or extended family, and have little chance for establishing a positive identity outside themselves.
    We owe it to upcoming generations to provide every opportunity to integrate into the whole of the worthwhile human experience.