Western governors told states can steer health care reform

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  • The Hammer lehi, utah
    June 30, 2013 1:10 p.m.

    Im not far right or far left and I think common core is unproven and puts more power in the executive branch. How easy would it be for the far right or far left to manipulate the curriculum? How easy would it be for the testing to being excluding kids from certain programs which they otherwise would be able to choose to work or learn in?

    It would be as easy as who ever controls the powers that be or the testing. Common core would take away the local school districts power to decide on curriculum as the testing takes priority over anything else that goes on in schools. NCLB as proved that testing takes teachers away from teaching and forces them to only teach to the test and nothing beyond or on the peripheral. Common core will destroy the profession of teaching and I am against it.