Habitual overeating learned in infancy, BYU study says

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  • thinkingclearly KAYSVILLE, UT
    May 23, 2013 10:31 a.m.

    Not everyone can breastfeed. This type of article is discouraging to those who cannot. Perhaps the guilt trip could be placed on companies, not mothers who are trying their best.

  • SLC gal Salt Lake City, UT
    May 23, 2013 9:38 a.m.

    Im really curious to know how the method you use to feed a baby requires commnuity support??? It should really be a personal/private non-broadcasted decision. Yes, we know that breast milk is better, but even with all the right support (???), and everything else, it's not always an option.

    Here's a solution: teach your kids NOT to sack out in front of the TV with Cheetos, and a remote all day. That will do wonders for the so called "epidemic".

  • Civil Salt Lake City, UT
    May 22, 2013 11:20 p.m.

    Child obesity should be considered a form of child abuse. Poor kids' parents put the kids on a road to ill-health, early death, even lower earnings.