Americans pay less for taxes, but don't get as much in return, The Atlantic says

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  • RWSmith6 Providence, UT
    April 23, 2013 3:31 p.m.

    Also worthy of consideration in taxes in the U.S. is WHAT Americans pay for health care coverage. Ours is a free market economy, the price of health care coverage about twice what is paid in socialist democracies in which health care coverage is part of taxes. We, in effect pay about $3,500 more per person without measurably better results for the extra spent. There's simply less bang for the buck here than in those other countries, part of the reason being insurers' overhead costs and the absence of a way to control costs.
    In talking with many Canadians while we're in Mexico 6 or 7 weeks a year, we repeatedly hear those Canadians express some amazement that we pay THAT much without measurably better results. Yes, they say, they have gripes about waits for service, but none feel what they gripe about being worth $3,500 more. None we've talked with say the extra can possibly be worth that much more.