BYU football notebook: Offensive coordinator Robert Anae pleased with progression on offense

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  • Dr. Chim Richalds ROUND HILL, VA
    April 8, 2013 3:28 p.m.

    I like the way things are progressing with Anae 2.0. Seems like he's been able to bring a dose of reality to Bronco and Doman's superlatives! I also think that Anae has the experience to create an offense that will be effective with a difficult schedule. Playing (and hanging) with the "big boys" in some of these beginning games as an independent is going to be hard. Having an offense that might be borderline "gimmicky" might allow us to steal a game or two and with a little momentum, they might be able to do well this year. One request...please Bronco, do not come up with a cheesy "band of brothers" or "pathways to perfection" or "quiet dignity" slogan this year. Just go out and quietly do well and win some of your games.

  • SLCWatch Salt Lake City, UT
    April 6, 2013 2:50 a.m.

    If the coaches see progress, and they like it, but aren't satisfied, then I am okay with it. If I hear everything is great, then I worry. It's spring ball, new offense, new pace and new coaches. Now is the time to see where you need to work and where you need to find answers. This pace looks fast and fun to watch. But the team better take summer serious or they will not keep up the pace and they can quickly make errors due to fatique. I am optimistic for now.