Utah Jazz pound Portland for their fifth win in a row

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  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    April 2, 2013 5:10 p.m.

    @Sneaky Jimmy

    to be honest...i wouldnt hold off...and Mo is a shoot first PG...if he sees an opportunity to score...he'll pull the trigger....the difference between now and then...is they just got on a hot shooting streak...i dont want to...be a downer...but...that's how it is...a first round exit would prove that if we get to the playoffs

  • Jazz Source Alpine, UT
    April 2, 2013 11:07 a.m.

    The Denver game will be the deciding factor.

    Jazz win they likely make it. Lose and they will ultimately be out of the playoffs.

    The fact that the Lakers are even close to us just magnfies what a pathetic colossal collapse it was during March.

    Kanter will prove to be a big loss. Hopefully they can sustain their improved play against Denver and other quality teams.

  • Sneaky Jimmy Bay Area, CA
    April 2, 2013 10:54 a.m.

    Hold off on firing Corbin. A healthy PG makes a difference. I too wonder what happened to Carroll. He was quite a spark and hasn't played lately. Let's see how they do against the Nuggets and the Kosta Koufas kast off .

  • JBQ Saint Louis, MO
    April 2, 2013 9:20 a.m.

    Holy Smoke, the Jazz are on fire. Mo has brought out the best in Curly and Larry. I think that Dallas is the team to wastch. The Lakers just can't play together. I hope that Crbin can rise to the occasion. The critical losses can be laid at his doorstep. Right now, it is all about Mo and his twin Mentum.

  • Jazzledazzle Provo, UT
    April 2, 2013 8:32 a.m.

    Correction, magic number is 4. (my previous post)

  • Doug10 Roosevelt, UT
    April 2, 2013 8:25 a.m.

    Just imagine the Lakers organization looking at its roster and with Kobe, Gasol, Nash, and Howard and not being able to make the playoffs.

    It would be unwise to count Kobe and his team out but....
    The Jazz are inconsistent on a good month but to be able to keep the Lakers out of the playoffs might be their biggest claim to fame this season.

  • Jazzledazzle Provo, UT
    April 2, 2013 7:15 a.m.

    I think the magic number is 3. Looking at the Lakers and the Mavericks schedule and comparing it to the Jazz the rest of the way. 4-3 should get them there. The fact they hold tiebreakers over the Lakers and Mavericks is huge.

    Big game at home vs. the Nuggets. Should be a good one.

  • Bigpics West Haven, UT
    April 2, 2013 12:34 a.m.

    I saw something resembling these guys in January. So where were they in February? And now that they're back (and actually doing things I haven't seen them do), dare we hope they'll continue to do it and make the playoffs?

    If they make it and play the Spurs, you still have to pick San Antonio, but they actually match up well enough to give them a far better tussle than last year....

    ...so if they keep punching like they are right now, you'd have to give them a puncher's chance.

    And if they pull another fade and don't have a post-season, call in a psychiatrist, or at least I'm gonna need therapy from all this "bipolar by proxy".....

    ...And we already know some things are going to get shaken up with all those free agents. The questions are a) will it be at the Jazz' or the players' initiatives and b) will it be major (new coach, big roster turnover) or relatively minor (a loss of one big and another key player, say)?

  • forgetyourself Layton, UT
    April 2, 2013 12:21 a.m.

    Is it me or is Carrol become quite the ball hog lately. The ball touches his like glue.