Mitt Romney to speak at Southern Virginia University commencement

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  • There You Go Again Saint George, UT
    March 26, 2013 7:35 p.m.

    Just as long as it is not taped or filmed.

  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    March 26, 2013 5:54 p.m.

    @Disco Vega 9:51 a.m. March 26, 2013

    America lost a great opportunity when they did not elect Mitt...I think this shows real state of our Union. The decline has begun.


    In truth, America dodged a huge disaster when they showed some common sense and rejected Romney. That indeed showed that the majority of the voters in our country have a modicum of common sense, and can recognize a bad apple when they see one. Without Romney, we have a chance to recover. I am greatful to my Heavenly Father for that fact. Thank you, voters of the United States, for rejecting Romney.

  • procuradorfiscal Tooele, UT
    March 26, 2013 2:47 p.m.

    Re: ". . . I would hope in the name of academic integrity they would invite a balancing voice . . . ."

    Mitt IS the balancing voice.

    We get nothing but liberal blather 24/7/365 from nearly ALL media outlets, labor organizations, government propaganda machines, and particularly, from Academe.

    It's WAY past time for a little conservative balance.

  • rickdoctor Chandler, AZ
    March 26, 2013 1:33 p.m.

    TO folks who claim Mitt 'ran a business' -- he only 'ran' a business like a CEO 'runs' a business -- very far from 'where the rubber hits the road' -- NOT like a small business owner, who deals with the everyday matters of 'running' and 'managing the affairs of' a business -- where the people are, the consumers are, the employees and their families are -- he dealt with money decisions, administrative decisions -- he even said that when he became Bishop, the every0day situations of the average member were 'new' and 'challenging' to him -- the same could be said if he actually took the reigns of an 'average small business', and had to deal with where the common every-day people are -- face it, he has no clue -- he can deal in hundreds of $millions and hundreds of $billions, but he doesn't have an idea of what the small businessman does when he needs $5000 or $25000 or $200,000 to stay in business and keep his employees and maintain production of goods and/or provision of services -- what did he ever produce in the way of goods and services for you and me, the consumers of society?

  • Henry Drummond San Jose, CA
    March 26, 2013 9:55 a.m.

    Come on folks. The election is over. Let Romney give his commencement speech.

  • Disco Vega MoTown, CA
    March 26, 2013 9:51 a.m.

    America lost a great opportunity when they did not elect Mitt...I think this shows real state of our Union. The decline has begun.

  • A Guy With A Brain Enid, OK
    March 26, 2013 9:17 a.m.

    @ Interloper: "As for Mitt Romney's taxes, no one really knows what rates he paid over the years except his inner circle. - 2:16 a.m. March 24, 2013"

    NO ONE except Romney's inner circle knows what he paid in taxes?


    - Romney released his last 2 years of filed tax records (2010 AND 2011) proving he's not a tax cheat.
    - He paid $1.94 million in federal income taxes in 2011 giving him an effective tax rate of 14.1%.
    - The private firm which prepared Romney's taxes from 1990 through 2009 issued a letter stating that Romney paid 100% of the federal and state income taxes owed during those 20 years.
    - The firm ALSO said Romney's average annual effective federal tax rate was 20.2% for those 20 years.

    Go to CCN(dot)com archives, Sept 21st, 2012, and search for the story on Romney's tax returns and see for yourself.


    Personally, I doubt you are.

    America is in massive decline, Interloper, and low information voters like you caused it.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    March 25, 2013 6:12 p.m.

    What I see is Uncle Rico having said in all-caps that the gains are taxed "again" which implies double taxation, which is what I was criticizing.

    "Mitt was just too nice a guy."

    Except that the main reason he lost was because people thought he considered half the nation to be slackers and moochers and didn't relate to or care about the problems facing the poor and middle class.

    "the government ought to be run like a business."

    George W. Bush was a businessman as was Hoover... I don't want more of that. They tend to leave giant messes behind (yes, I know, low sample size).

  • Feliz Kaysville, UT
    March 25, 2013 4:00 p.m.

    They should have asked Obama to speak. He is one of the most honorable leaders this country has had. Frankly, a Community Planner is much more qualified to run a country than a CEO.

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    March 25, 2013 2:04 p.m.

    To Mr. Hotchkiss and 79Ute, I will put up. In response to Uncle Rico, Romney's Bain income was very likely taxed as carried interest, at the most. That tax rate is much lower than the rest of us. Further, offsets for various other tax losses, credits and deductions would drive that number even lower. We know the one year he released he was taxes at below 15%, and that could have been his highest year. As for the assertion Uncle Rico makes that the income was taxed again, that is incorrect. Any new income (including investment income, interest earned, etc.) is taxed, not the money on which he alread earned and was taxed. It is no different than you taking a portion of your savings, depositing them in the bank, and earning interest. You will declare that income and pay taxes on it. Again, I am not taking shots at Romney, just pointing out that Uncle Rico didn't make a knowlegeable statement on Romney's taxes. I'll say this, you guys seem thin skinned about Romney.

  • milner Centerfield Sanpete, UT
    March 25, 2013 2:00 p.m.

    Who cares? I wonder how much he got paid to do this? No matter how much it was too much!

  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    March 25, 2013 1:23 p.m.

    @G L W8 3:12 p.m. March 24, 2013

    The DesNews strikes again -- it refused to post a coment that showed other than absolute admiration for Romney. I'm trying again.

    My comments about Romney are not based on hatred. They're based on the facts concerning him.
    His record shows that Romney has nothing of value to offer the United States or its people.
    His "business experience" destroyed businesses and sent jobs offsore or into oblivion, and made lives much more difficult.
    He derided people who struggled, and who weren't privileged and affluent.
    He did (and does) his best to portray himself as something he is not -- a good and caring person to everyone.

    Unless he turns himself around quickly (and I see no sign that he even recognizes he needs to turn himself around), he has no contribution of value to make. Consequently he should live quietly and enjoy his family, take himself out of the public view and, as far as the people of the United States are concerned, just go away.

  • Bill Shakespeare Salt Lake City, UT
    March 25, 2013 12:05 p.m.

    These young graduates are in for the time of their lives!

  • Flashback Kearns, UT
    March 25, 2013 10:10 a.m.

    Ranch, the government ought to be run like a business. Maybe then Congress would do something (and I'm talking about the Democrats, not the Republicans).

    Good for Mitt. I look forward to what he has to say.

  • BlueCoug Orem, UT
    March 25, 2013 8:48 a.m.

    Portland, OR

    "Seems the Mormon Church made an excellent decision in buying that college at virtually a fire sale price in the 1990s."

    The Mormon Church wasn't involved in buying Southern Virginia University. Although the people who did buy the college are active members of the Mormon Church (having lived in Maryland at the time, I know some of them personally), the church wasn't involved at all. The investors were hoping to persuade the church to buy the university and make it a sort of BYU-East, but the Mormon Church graciously turned down the offer.

    March 24, 2013 3:12 p.m.

    Furry1993 Why all the hatred? Mitt Romney still has a life and contribution to make. It's the 'just go away' attitude that ought to disappear.

  • Bob A. Bohey Marlborough, MA
    March 24, 2013 7:15 a.m.

    Mr. Romney is the embodiement of everything that is wrong with the GOP and a dwindling number of so called Americans.

  • Interloper Portland, OR
    March 24, 2013 2:16 a.m.

    Seems the Mormon Church made an excellent decision in buying that college at virtually a fire sale price in the 1990s.

    As for Mitt Romney's taxes, no one really knows what rates he paid over the years except his inner circle. The effect of Romney refusing to release more than one year's tax return and an estimate for another year was to keep the American public in the dark about the matter. Anyone who claims to know Romney paid 'the same rates as everyone else' is dissembling. Romney's father set the standard of candidates for high office releasing a decade's worth of tax returns.

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    March 23, 2013 10:59 p.m.

    It is good that a good person is still out there being subjected to the same type of rhetoric that the Democratic party and believers have done since the 1930s to continue their party's processes since the Great Depression. They provided projects in the 1930s for some benefit for our country but not in durable goods. It took the war that came due to some of our policies that the League of Nations was going to make the world safe without going to war. However, trying to put off involvement until the 7 December 1941, we thought diplomacy and not might would win the debates with those who went to war against us. The trade policies and tariffs were strong positions but the cold war then became an issue with our military partner, Russia from WWII and the expanding Chinese influence. Those markets and partners are still causing us problems and have expanded their influence to include the other countries around the world that don't like our country's influence, either humanitarian, defense or free trade. It is like the Good Neighbor policy in the 1960s, they were the good and the US was the neighbor giving everything.

  • m.g. scott LAYTON, UT
    March 23, 2013 10:30 p.m.

    Boy, it's amazing how much attention a story about Romney can still draw. Mitt had the right ideas, but he just wasn't a cut throat politician when it came to winning the election. Hopefully the next Republican presidential candidate will learn that. When it comes to hard ball national politics, nice guys do finish last. Mitt was just too nice a guy. And still is.

    Re: Ranch

    Sorry, but just had to respond. Government is in fact the biggest business in the country. And as of now, this current lawyer isn't running it very well.

  • Phillip M Hotchkiss Malta, Mt
    March 23, 2013 9:54 p.m.

    RANCH I see were you are coming from business like to make money. government likes to spend money. The opposite of each one

  • Claudio Springville, Ut
    March 23, 2013 7:19 p.m.

    How is it that the same people who complain about today's kids being moochers and living at home, etc. are also so comfortable about stating how they restrict their kids choices regarding college? Maybe if you let your kids make their own decisions, they wouldn't be so dependent. Ironic, that these were also the core supporters for the Romney campaign.

  • mhilton Lancaster, CA
    March 23, 2013 6:49 p.m.

    @washcomom, I think it will take an act of God to get the media to turn to the positive.

    @Irony Guy, why should SVU invite a balancing voice to speak at their commencement? This is a a graduation not a political debate. Mitt was very successful in many aspects of his life, living the conservative values that SVU promotes. If we didn't live on the west coast, and weren't afraid that our daughter would meet a young man from the east coast to marry, then want to live there, we probably would have sent her there. I think it's a great alternative to the elitism environment that is at BYU. I would love to have another such university here on the west coast. Any takers on that venture? Go SVU and Mitt!

  • Ranch Here, UT
    March 23, 2013 5:24 p.m.

    Frankly, I don't want a CEO to run this country, we are NOT a business and government does not function in the same manner as a business.

  • Irony Guy Bountiful, Utah
    March 23, 2013 5:05 p.m.

    SVU is a private institution and has the right to invite whomever it wishes to speak. Still, I would hope in the name of academic integrity they would invite a balancing voice to speak as well. But I doubt that will happen.

  • washcomom Beaverton, OR
    March 23, 2013 3:44 p.m.

    @atl134 - Uncle Rico said that the "gains are taxed at a lower rate". It has been already clarified.

    This is one of those times where I wish I could just go and hear the man speak for the love of country, education, and family. Seems like we lack the positive in our media right now. Would love for media to step up and turn that around.

  • atl134 Salt Lake City, UT
    March 23, 2013 2:50 p.m.

    @Uncle Rico
    Only his investment profit is taxed at a lower rate. He's not being taxed on the same income twice.

    We have had very few non-farming businessowners as President before, but all of them were terrible presidents.

  • Furry1993 Ogden, UT
    March 23, 2013 1:29 p.m.

    @ThornBirds 11:37 a.m. March 23, 2013

    We all wondered what Mitt was doing to keep busy these days.


    Actually, we "all" didn't. A lot of us hoped that he would, for once in his life, act for the good of the United States and its people. We hoped he would just go away, keep out of public view, and keep his mouth shut. It's long past the time that he should be inflicting himelf on this country and its people. Enough is enough.

    Don't go away mad, Mitt. Just go away. And STAY away.

  • Mark B Eureka, CA
    March 23, 2013 1:08 p.m.

    Will signs expressing any view other than "tax cuts for the rich" be allowed at this event, or will they be confiscated? BTW - I'm sure the DN has at least a hundred pictures of Mitt Romney, all of them flattering.

  • ThornBirds St.George, Utah
    March 23, 2013 11:37 a.m.

    We all wondered what Mitt was doing to keep busy these days.

  • LDS Mom American Fork, UT
    March 23, 2013 8:30 a.m.

    Great school (we have a daughter there) great man, great opportunity to hear him speak.

  • 79Ute Orange County, CA
    March 23, 2013 8:20 a.m.


    You are dead wrong on the tax issue.

  • Phillip M Hotchkiss Malta, Mt
    March 23, 2013 7:56 a.m.

    Esquire . Beings you are so sure Uncle Rico is dead wrong. Prove it here and now. Or youe words are void

  • Max Charlotte, NC
    March 23, 2013 7:29 a.m.

    We went to an open house last fall and I was so impressed with the students and faculty. I will send every one of my kids there if I can. President Sybrowski mentioned that even he was surprised when he arrived that they had such a large proportion of students who had declined admissions offers at BYU. SVU is a great place. I wish it had been around when I was in college.

  • JoeBlow Far East USA, SC
    March 23, 2013 7:01 a.m.

    "I also grieve that we don't have a man who has actually run a business run our country."
    "Oh what could have been...someone who actually has run a business be president."

    So then, neither of you would be voting for Paul Ryan or Marco Rubio for president, correct?

    And would not have voted for Reagan.

  • Mrs TAP Bountiful, UT
    March 23, 2013 6:11 a.m.

    It makes me happy to read this. I can't think of a better speaker for ANY university! Mitt may not be our president, but his good examples and wisdom can still make a difference for our troubled country!

  • Star Bright Salt Lake City, Ut
    March 22, 2013 11:06 p.m.

    I also grieve that we don't have a man who has actually run a business run our country. When I think of what is coming with new taxes and obamacare, it scares me. I wish BYU (my alma) would have him speak at a graduation. BTW-DN - you have a better picture of Mitt in your archives and I surely wish you'd post it. He is a handsome, intelligent man.

  • Esquire Springville, UT
    March 22, 2013 10:53 p.m.

    Uncle Rico, love Romney all you like, but you are dead wrong on the tax issue.

  • Uncle Rico Sandy, UT
    March 22, 2013 8:53 p.m.


    Yet another excuse to criticize running a Mitt story.

  • Uncle Rico Sandy, UT
    March 22, 2013 8:43 p.m.

    Oh what could have been...someone who actually has run a business be president. Oh, I know the tax thing will come up in a thread below so let me make it simple to understand. Mitt made a ton of money, taxed on it the same rate everyone is... Because he re-invested his profits (didn't purchase a hip sports-car, didn't buy himself new threads etc, his gains from the investments he made (again, with his money) are being taxed AGAIN at a lower rate. Yes the things we all wish we could do, he does, so we throw stones at him and call him a cheat. Anyways good luck Mitt, knock it out of the park!

  • RG Buena Vista, VA
    March 22, 2013 7:48 p.m.

    I am excited. My family and I tried to go to a campaign rally 30 miles away last fall, and we even had tickets, but the last 3 miles took about 2 hours to travel, as the demand was so great and the freeway was stopped, bumper to bumper, and we didn't get in. My 8 year old cried. So Mitt if you read this, to make up for that, while in Buena Vista you should come to our house! And see your bumper stickers still on our cars! (Plus, I had a relative of yours in an SVU class I teach.) We are conservatives and know you were the right choice to get the USA moving again, but unfortunately, "low information voters" didn't agree.

  • panamadesnews Lindon, UT
    March 22, 2013 7:18 p.m.

    If one of our children wants to receive an education at one of the LDS Church schools and is not accepted because of the number of applications received at all of those institutions, SVU would be a great alternative. I would have loved to have had one of my 12 children attend university at that school.

  • KJB1 Eugene, OR
    March 22, 2013 6:53 p.m.

    Another excuse to run a story about Mitt Romney.

    Whew! I bet you guys were going through withdrawals.