Theater advance: 'Death of a Salesman' a critique of materialistic society

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  • Free Agency Salt Lake City, UT
    March 16, 2013 3:27 p.m.

    I honestly don't think "Death of a Salesman" will be relevant 200 years from now (if humanity is even *here* 200 years from now), because we're facing a different threat to our humanity than crass materialism.

    Our current threat is our ongoing merging with machines, to the point where we can't even think critically anymore--all we can do is absorb information and spew it out again. And as the cheerleaders for this way of "life" constantly tell us, if we *don't* merge with machines in the upcoming years, we'll be left behind We simply won't be able to function in society otherwise.

    Indeed, they happily call this new era "posthuman."

    Would that Arthur Miller were still around to write a play on this. Hopefully, someone else will. Though I'm afraid that most people, if they watch it at all, will simply download it to their computer to watch at a later time.

    Or, if the futurists are right, simply download it, along with countless other things, directly into their consciousness.