Carbon monoxide scare prompts warning from Kearns family

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  • My2Cents Taylorsville, UT
    March 15, 2013 4:16 a.m.

    CO detectors, fire detectors, in homes are nice if installed during construction but none of these devices are fool proof or cost effective. The battery operated additions usually have dead batteries after a year and the built in house powered units are out of reach in most homes and do require periodic replacements because of bugs, dust, and cooking smoke that clogs and bonds to the exposed electronic sensors in the units. Something most people don't realize.

    Then there is the complacency trust people put electronics, most gas operated appliances don't malfunction until dozens of years of service and new homes are not tested or inspected by state inspectors as the law requires.

    Remember, our socialized poverty level of incomes and education levels limits the individuals resources to afford home and appliance maintenance and detectors that can cost 2-3 $60/bag of groceries (20 hrs labor) to feed a family for a couple days.

    Utah being a state where poverty is the state of the economy and income, safety is not a risk we can afford. We can only hope that government stops spreading the wealth so the commoners can afford life saving detectors and health care.