L. Tom Perry, 'An Uncommon Life: Years of Preparation, 1922-1976'

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    March 8, 2013 1:30 p.m.

    Elder Perry is a great and good man. I have worked with him and enjoyed his company as he has visited the Europe East Area. I was and am amazed the he is so active at his age. We are all better because of live example and service Elder Perry has given us.

  • Rebel ,
    March 8, 2013 11:46 a.m.

    A great man, one who was certainly an influence in my life.He was the Stake President in New England when I first heard about the church. His teachings and example contributed largely to my conversion and baptism that I have never regretted.
    Thanks Elder Perry

  • Montana Mormon Miles City, MT
    March 8, 2013 6:44 a.m.

    Elder Perry presided at a stake conference in San Salvador, El Salvador, during the spring of 1976. He planted himself in the foyer well before the meeting was to start and greeted the members with his typical ear-to-ear smile. As he shook their hands he said with his characteristic gusto, "Good morning, how are you?!" He towered over the Salvadorans. It was fun to watch them respond to the gregarious, enthusiastic man that was greeting them as they entered the stake center. He was also very kind to us missionaries.

    When he spoke in the stake conference, my mission president interpreted for him. Elder Perry bore one of the most powerful testimonies I have ever heard or experienced about the prophetic calling of President Spencer W. Kimball. After the conference, a few missionaries and I had the privilege to sit with him for about 15 minutes, along with our mission president, and report on our efforts as missionaries.

    It was an amazing opportunity to be with him at such close range.

  • SilverManedCougar American Fork, UT
    March 7, 2013 12:35 p.m.

    A great man that I have had the privilege of observing for many years, usually at a distance but occasionally up close. When he was a new apostle and I a young man I was one of the ushers at a regional conference held at the Capitol Center in the Washington DC area. He took the time to come address us and shake hands with each of us. Over the years, he has been one of the most frequent general authorities in attendance at BYU basketball games. And as a missionary in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building a couple of years back, my wife and I were delighted when riding the elevator down to have it stop and pick up Apostles Perry and Cook, who rode the rest of the way with us and it appeared to us they were just as pleased to be seeing us and we were to see them. He is a warm and astute representative of the Savior. It will be wonderful to be able to learn about his life in more detail.

  • william e. kettley SALT LAKE CITY, UT
    March 7, 2013 8:26 a.m.

    Elder Perry has a great memory ! A few years ago my wife and I attended a Christmas party at the Kearns Mansion on South Temple (Governor's Mansion). Elder Perry remembered that I was a Marine, and as he came out the door following his visit with the Governor and others, he saw me, and exclaimed "Semper Fi, Marine." meaning "Always Faithful." I was amazed that he would remember me for more than a minute, with all he has to do and keep track of.

    I have admired Elder L. Tom Perry for many years, and wish him well . . . . always. His new books, written by his son, and namesake, will be most interesting to read.

    Bill Kettley