House debates state fire code amendments

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  • Utah_1 Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 26, 2013 12:51 a.m.

    The code is a tool to help private firms design safe buildings. It is created by a grass roots system nationally and then amended locally to fit Utah. Until a few years ago, the state law required the Utah Uniform Building Code Commission, a group of citizens to adopt the code and amendments. Yes, the cities, counties, and state would also use the code to approve and inspect the buildings, but it was the private sector that would use it to design and construct the buildings. Someone in the state legislature decided a few years ago that the legislature should approve the code updates and changes, and here we are. We still have the Utah Uniform Building Code Commission, who donate countless hours putting the Utah codes together and then they recommend them to the legislature. My concern was an amendment that came out minutes before the fire code was to be voted on and even though several members of the house that are aware of the process including an architect, builder and building official who were all opposed to this amendment, without a different option, it passed.