Utah Jazz: Jeremy Evans flies high in Slam Dunk Contest again but settles for second place (+video)

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  • OCoug Ogden, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 10:53 p.m.


    I'm aware of all the points you made, my point was that it would be more fun to watch the biggest names in the game (like in the 80's and early 90's) going at it for the Dunk Championship title than guys who are at best role players.

  • Kakashi Tokyo, Japan
    Feb. 17, 2013 3:47 p.m.

    @OCoug and Kyle

    lebron already said he isnt a creative dunker and he even admits he would probably lose to evans...and he also said that at this point of his career...he wouldnt want to risk injuries...so...its kind of hopeless to ask or think that lebron would enter the slam dunk contest...as for durant...i dont know...he doesnt flash any creativity when he dunks...dwight already competed twice...

  • LindonMan Lindon, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 2:22 p.m.


  • VeraLouise Sandy, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 10:22 a.m.

    Jeremy did a great job! And the painting dunk was so creative. He is a very talented young man and seems to be a good guy as well. It was fun to watch. Hope to see more of him on the court.

  • Kyle loves BYU/Jazz Provo, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 11:29 p.m.

    I thought the final four dunks were all pretty good. Jeremy did a nice job again and the painting was fun. I wish they would get LeBron etc to participate. That would really be fun to watch.

  • Jim1027 St. George, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 10:24 p.m.

    No way can they beat an Evans! They can only hog the ball and dunk on guards! Evans can dunk on Chuck Norris!

  • 79Ute Orange County, CA
    Feb. 16, 2013 10:15 p.m.

    He wuz robbed!

  • OCoug Ogden, UT
    Feb. 16, 2013 9:43 p.m.

    No shame. Thought the dunk over the artwork and then autographing the picture was nice and the final dunk for Evans was awesome. Tough to win two years in a row. I still wish that Lebron, Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard, etc. weren't to cool to participate in the dunk contest.
    It would make it more interesting.