BYU researchers create microscopic cupid

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  • Two For Flinching Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 15, 2013 1:25 a.m.

    @ Obama10

    The persecution complex needs to stop.

    BYU simply does not meet the academic standards of the PAC-12. The importance of Utah's school of medicine and cancer research can not be understated. Add in the fact that Sunday play is a huge inconvenience, especially for the Olympic sports. Don't forget the Big XII passed on BYU too, and those schools are far more conservative. Perhaps the problem lies with BYU, and not everybody else that is supposedly out to 'get' them.

  • Obama10 SYRACUSE, UT
    Feb. 14, 2013 3:18 p.m.

    @Eliot. I guess you couldn't hear the sarcasm through my keyboard, but thank you for your explanation. When the PAC 10+2 didn't ask BYU to join, but did extend an offer to Utah, was that BYU was not a "research institution"; when we all know it was really religious bigotry. I agree that Utah and USU both have great Universities with great research coming from both as well as research from BYU.

  • Eliot Santaquin, UT
    Feb. 14, 2013 1:24 p.m.

    Well Obama, assuming you are asking a serious question, I will try to answer it for you. The major research institutions in the state of Utah are the University of Utah and Utah State University. Although most faculty at BYU are engaged in research, their mission and commitment is to high quality undergraduate education. They are very good at achieving their objective. Far more research money flows into the two state universities than goes to BYU because that is a much higher priority at those two institutions. The two state universities are very good at fulfilling their missions. It is not surprising that the Deseret News highlights BYU research which is often very high quality. The cupid thing is trivial and only gets attention because its Valentine's Day. I am affiliated with BYU and I am very proud of their accomplishments but I am also proud of the accomplishments of other schools who represent my state very well.

  • Obama10 SYRACUSE, UT
    Feb. 14, 2013 12:13 p.m.

    I keep seeing articles in the Deseret News about "BYU Researchers", but I am told by the PAC-12 that there is only one "Research University" in Utah. Can someone please explain?