High school wrestling: Box Elder Bees sting opponents at Region 5 meet

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  • fanof6 utah, UT
    Feb. 17, 2013 9:03 a.m.

    Great Job Eagle. Binghamalum- Booooooom!

  • eagle Provo, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 8:44 p.m.


    Let me educate you a bit.

    It isn't the talent, it's the opportunity. So most of our best wrestlers have to go out of state. There is Jason Chamberlain who has spent much of the season ranked #1 in his weight class for Boise State. He is already an NCAA All-American. There is Cyprus' Matt Brown who wrestles for Penn State, maybe heard of them. They won the NCAA title last year coached by Cael Sanderson, a gold medalist, winningest college wrestler in history and Wasatch HS product. Penn State lost to Iowa last week in a dual where one of their wrestlers is Ethen Lofthouse, a Mountain Crest grad. Levi Mele wrestled for Northwestern for the past four years but had to retire this season because of injury.

    These aren't like local football players going to BYU or Utah. Wrestling for Penn State or Iowa is like playing football for Alabama. Even Boise State's wrestling program is ranked higher than its football team.

    Again, it is a matter of having opportunities and too many great Utah wrestlers often have to choose to continue their careers in far off places because local opportunities are limited...

  • binghamalum South Jordan, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 9:56 a.m.

    yes its nice!

    But the reason for the non coverage, in my opinion,

    NO Division 1 talent, or Do I just never hear about it?
    I mean I know two, three and four time state champs, who didnt even wrestle after college... is it because alot of these boys are mormons and going on missions so then there bodies wont ever get back to how they are now for college?

  • TBAnnounced9 Spanish Fork, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 8:51 a.m.

    Thank you for covering Utah Wrestling! Thousands of boys and parents participate in and follow this sport. It is a hidden demographic. Nice to see the Des News send a reporter to the tournament. Thanks!