Convert endures trial, shares happiness through social media (+video)

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  • alpinecoach kearns, UT
    Feb. 14, 2013 11:22 a.m.

    It is too bad it hurt her relationship with her father who clearly loved her deeply...

  • Waipahuboy WAIPAHU, HI
    Feb. 11, 2013 1:58 a.m.

    Thank you, great article.

  • wear2manyhatz Holladay, UT
    Feb. 9, 2013 6:57 p.m.

    Not to detract from Sister Fox's story, but what trials? Try being Jewish and being baptized...and still fervently keeping your Jewish heritage,culture and traditions.

    I've had it from all sides.

    I am also a child of a Holocaust survivor. A few members feel it is their duty to remind me I have a responsibility to those "on the other side"...since I am one of the few who can legitimately baptize for my murdered relatives.

    For me, it wasn't and isn't about happiness. People find their happiness in many ways. It was about no longer hating God; slowly accepting a Savior...and meeting genuinely good people after moving to our current home. I certainly hadn't in other areas we lived!

    It was all about finally being loved and accepted, by God and others, and learning to love and accept myself.

    It is this that keeps me strong when the many trials come my way.

  • antodav TAMPA, FL
    Feb. 9, 2013 5:55 a.m.

    Wow. And I thought converting from Catholicism has been hard. Coming from a bigoted atheist family like this girl did would have been much more difficult. I greatly admire this girl's courage and conviction, her strength to ignore the voices in the Great and Spacious building even when coming from her closest loved ones. I pray she may be blessed with the power to endure to the end.

  • alpinecoach kearns, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 11:25 p.m.

    To me, it is sad that this conversion created conflict with her loving father. I hope they make amends.

  • hubbardesquire Alabaster, Alabama
    Feb. 8, 2013 8:31 p.m.

    What a great story! I joined the Church here in Alabama in 1977. I am familiar with family and friends giving someone "the treatment" for joining the Church. I did not go on a mission because my mother said that she would kill herself if I did, and I knew that she meant it. But, just this week my parents let the missionaries visit them in their home for the first time since 1977. I was there and, I know that they felt the presence of the Holy Ghost when the missionaries were there, because I felt it too and saw their faces. Just saying this to let everyone know that families and friends have a way of coming around, although it may take a very long time.

  • Ernest T. Bass Bountiful, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 9:26 a.m.

    I don't understand, why couldn't she get any more tattoos?

  • NT SomewhereIn, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 8:32 a.m.

    Thanks for sharing this inspirational story about Sister Fox, a true modern-day pioneer.

  • bellsandbells FULTON, MO
    Feb. 8, 2013 8:21 a.m.

    Be sure to go to her blog. The link is on page 2 of the article above. Send it out to your friends. It is very inspiring. What a mission she has created. Very special way to share.

    Feb. 8, 2013 5:27 a.m.

    Her sister and brother in law spoke at stake conference in Rochester a year ago!

  • CabezaMan Cottonwood Heights, UT
    Feb. 8, 2013 2:02 a.m.

    @JJJHS, You and I can stand on common ground. What a great story, and I also wish her the very best.

  • JohnJacobJingleHeimerSchmidt Beverly Hills, CA
    Feb. 7, 2013 10:09 p.m.

    I hope the people around her continue to fellowship her. By living her life and not being judgmental to her family, they will see the difference it makes in her life and that different points of view of faith can coexist in one family. I wish her the best.

  • JRJ Pocatello, ID
    Feb. 7, 2013 9:02 p.m.

    Thank you for that inspiring testimony. It's so wonderful how the spirit of the Holy Ghost can make such a difference.

  • sharrona layton, UT
    Feb. 7, 2013 7:57 p.m.

    @Twin Lights, RE: When I got gift of the Holy Ghost. The same Greek word(pneuma) used for Holy Ghost and Holy Spirit.
    Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that God’s Spirit dwells in your midst?.(1 Cor 3:16)
    What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?(1 Cor 6:19)

  • t702 Las Vegas, NV
    Feb. 7, 2013 7:51 p.m.

    Thanks for sharing your awesome story

  • WJCoug South Jordan, Utah
    Feb. 7, 2013 7:45 p.m.

    Reading an uplifting article like this gives me hope that maybe one day my son will have a similar experience . . .

  • Nan BW ELder, CO
    Feb. 7, 2013 6:50 p.m.

    This is a great story. Al made an inspired decision, and has touched many lives in doing so. How neat that it had such an impact on her sister and the "boyfriend" (now spouse) too. The story is well written, and a lovely change from much of the news we have to read.

  • utah cornhusker NORFOLK, NE
    Feb. 7, 2013 5:12 p.m.

    I joined at age 18 and my parents weren't exactly pleased. That was 34 years ago. I never regretted that decision as the spirit was so strong when I joined. Good article.

  • aunt lucy Looneyville, UT
    Feb. 7, 2013 1:38 p.m.

    Awesome and empowering! Thanks for sharing!

  • Richard Larson Sacramento County(209/916), CA
    Feb. 7, 2013 12:18 p.m.

    Good luck with that.......

  • Coach Biff Lehi, UT
    Feb. 7, 2013 11:56 a.m.

    Had this young lady address our YM YW the other night. Even the knucklehead deacons were riveted. Could have heard a pin drop. Not a dry eye in the place.

  • suzyk#1 Mount Pleasant, UT
    Feb. 7, 2013 11:33 a.m.

    What a wonderful and uplifting story and what a delight this young girl is. She made the right choice and her future holds many blessings.

  • airnaut Everett, 00
    Feb. 7, 2013 9:26 a.m.

    And another Legacy is born.

    My Grandparents joined the church nearly 100 years ago in the deep South.

    Their families reacted the same way - not speaking or having anything to do with them (ostersizing).

    After a few years it, they finally prayed and decided to move to Utah as well.

    5 generations, and over 300 descendants later...

    It all started with the "one" who listened....

    I'd also like to add --
    Great story, and very well written.

  • hotsaucefan Bountiful, UT
    Feb. 7, 2013 9:07 a.m.

    Great story! I'm with Mfan, very well written. Keep it up Megan!

  • Mfan Pleasant View, UT
    Feb. 7, 2013 8:49 a.m.

    What a great article. This was so inspiring and it gave me the chills when I read this. What an incredible woman and inspiring story. Well written!

  • ldsrebirth Virginia Beach, VA
    Feb. 7, 2013 8:33 a.m.

    Very inspiring, and congratulations!

  • Twin Lights Louisville, KY
    Feb. 7, 2013 7:36 a.m.

    What an awesome story.