Book excerpt: Putting happiness on the back burner?

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  • Firefly123 Mapleton, UT
    Feb. 4, 2013 10:47 a.m.

    This article is an example of why we all need to learn to live in the Now, best explained in books by Eckhart Tolle. His books did more good for me than any other books I've ever read. Sure, you need to yawn over the bits about reincarnation, which are not true principles, but the rest of it explains things with clarity. I no longer feel I'm looking through a glass darkly, but into illuminated understanding of God and the universe which was muddied by various false philosophies over the centuries. I have truly learned why I've always loved everyone, including some challenged/challenging family members, and why loving is right. Too many Church members believe it is their job to judge. It is the opposite, for if we judge, we not only condemn ourselves, we never learn to love.

    My favorite Tolle book, A New Earth, can be purchased "used" online anywhere for a penny, plus shipping. It changed my life, and helped me to stay in the Church when I was half an anchovy away from leaving due to the pettiness of people within it. Now I simply forgive them, and move ahead doing good.