Did this year's Sundance feature too much sexually explicit content?

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  • Lagomorph Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 1, 2013 7:30 p.m.

    JCS: "In fact, a majority of its movies this year portrayed sex as a purely recreational activity, with no consequences whatsoever."

    The Sundance program guide lists about 117 full length films plus another 50-plus shorts. By your reckoning, there are at least 60 features ("a majority") meeting your criteria. Please list the titles of any twenty of them so we can tell that you are not just making "facts" up out of whole cloth. Be sure to specify how the participants escaped any consequences (in the films I saw, there WERE consequences, often severe-- try being murdered for being gay in the documentary "God Loves Uganda"). Extra points if your assessment of content is based on firsthand observation of the films.

    As today's DesNews op-ed on the gun control debate noted, discussion of important these days is often clouded by casual use of statistics and anecdotes passing as evidence. Let's maintain a high level of commentary here and be able to back up our "factual" claims with actual facts. Be ready to cite your sources and substantiate your claims.

  • raybies Layton, UT
    Feb. 1, 2013 9:10 a.m.

    Utah shouldn't be funding porndance. There should be other venues for airing adult-content movies, and all these sex-shocker movies should be put there, because they really destroy the artistry of the festival.

  • John Charity Spring Back Home in Davis County, UT
    Jan. 31, 2013 9:16 p.m.

    Sundance does not reflect the values of the Utah community. Indeed, it seems to go out of its way to denigrate and belittle Utah values.

    Sundance truly has become little more than a venue for promoting unrestrained, wanton sexuality. In fact, a majority of its movies this year portrayed sex as a purely recreational activity, with no consequences whatsoever. These movies even go so far as to advocate the participation in sex with any person at any time, as long as it provides instant gratification.

    The time has come for Utah to end its relationship with Sundance once and for all. Not onemore cent of tapayer money must go to support this festival of filth.

  • Mukkake Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 31, 2013 4:26 p.m.

    ["We've been using violence as a storytelling device for decades but we've only just begun to use sex that way instead of as simply something to shock."]

    It should also be remembered that these are low budget films. Sex is cheaper to put in a film than violence. Because of this, films at Sundance have often dealt with sexually explicit themes, the main difference this year is there are more with big names attached.