Digital decay: How photographs and other files can disappear

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  • KinCO Fort Collins, CO
    Jan. 15, 2013 8:09 a.m.

    Print your favorite photographs, people! I have snapshots taken by my great-grandparents in 1904 and they look perfectly fine. I have portraits taken nearly 50 years earlier than that, also in great condition. Yes, keep all the 1000s of photos you take on your hard drive, on your EHD, in the cloud, but PRINT your photos, PRINT your journal entries, and put them in a safe place. Besides, your kids (& grandkids) will likely never see photos that permanently live on your HD, but hehy will look at and enjoy the ones you PRINT!!!

  • LDSareChristians Anchorage, AK
    Jan. 14, 2013 9:35 p.m.

    I keep an older computer around at work for those folks who walk in with AutoCAD files saved on a 1993 3.5 inch floppy.
    I am currently worried about how to archive 3.2TB of data on a yearly or two basis and be able to retrieve it in 10-50 years from now. Thing is, hard drives also deteriorate. My plan is to backup data to 4TB USB drive. In one/two years copy that to a new drive and put new data on the old drive and another new drive as data will probable have doubled by then. That way the data gets a fresh rewrite to new drive. Repeat yearly, rotate drives, wait and see future of data storage provides. ;-)
    I feel I have disaster recovery covered with NetApp's snapshots, tape back up to off site vault. Snapshots go back 8 weeks. But if user deletes something and doesn't discover it before 8 weeks, it's gone! Especial if created and deleted between archive cycles.
    I have my personal stuff at home burned to 3-4 DVD's and stowed off site at work. Hope my ideas help. Welcome feedback/suggestions.

  • L Central, Utah
    Jan. 14, 2013 9:07 p.m.

    My external drive (with backups) crashed a week after my hard drive. Yes I wished I had also subscribed to a cloud service.

  • samhill Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 14, 2013 8:36 p.m.

    I'm surprised to see no mention of how incredibly inexpensive external backup drives have become lately. I just saw an ad for a 2Tb external drive for a mere $70!!

    Losing any cherished data with storage capacity like that available so inexpensively is worse than regrettable, it's negligent and just plain dumb.

    So, make those backups folks!