Girls are getting better grades than boys, but is anyone getting a good education?

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  • worf Mcallen, TX
    Jan. 17, 2013 3:34 p.m.

    Are test scores related to better education?

    Girls have always matured quicker then boys, but the problem, are the boys lack a male role model. Few have a dad, or men teachers.

    Men are also put down on television, and movies. Anybody get tired of watching television, where a woman is constantly putting down a man for being so inept.

    No more, "Father Knows Best".

  • Howard Beal Provo, UT
    Jan. 11, 2013 8:58 p.m.

    I think for a boys school is hard. It is much more structured today. Plus the absence of male role models in elementary is especially hurting. Add in the addition of more single parent families run mostly by mothers and boys would logically feel hen-pecked and thus more apt to act out and not like school. And schools again are lacking of male role models to help with these issues. Recess time has dwindled and P.E. has also changed from more rugged games to more participatory games and activities. In fact, PE in high school has become much more academic with more "seat" time. Again, boys need more physical outlets than they are getting in school, especially elementary. In Utah the problem is probably exacerbated by large class sizes where teachers feel more inclined to manage their classrooms and limit movement and kinesethetic activities.