Why 2012 was 'more than a Mormon moment'

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  • Filo Doughboy Bakersfield, CA
    Jan. 3, 2013 6:27 p.m.

    No, no and no RedShirt. No Democratic votes, no California Baptists "giving" Obama what Romney wouldn't work for, no Republican votes mattering whatsoever in our state. No knowledge on your part that conservative Independents can do write-ins, vote for other candidates, and actually vote their conscience?

    The lesser of the two was still an imperfect man. He may have made a great president, but he refused to honestly answer the religion questions. I'm a former Mormon of 40 years, sixth generation pioneer stock. I know exactly what Mitt refused to clarify, so stop assuming that no Baptists are former LDS. There's tons of us. It's not about a church; it's about the Truth of Who Jesus Christ is.

    In Mitt's case, it was about political expediency and he never thought his lack of full disclosure would be so easily apparent. The evangelical tent is big, but you have to be a fully confessing sinner. Maybe there's a next time for Mitt to give the 100% answer. For now, that ship has sailed.

  • mark Salt Lake City, UT
    Jan. 2, 2013 11:43 a.m.

    "a 'pretend Christian' for a president."

    Bellsandbells, why would you feel the need to attack another person for his religious beliefs? What gives you the power to know what is in another's heart? Do you believe yourself God? It is especially hypocritical in a post where you are trying to defend your own religion.

    You know, I have my opinions on religion and its veracity, but I would never claim to know another's heart.

  • RedShirt USS Enterprise, UT
    Jan. 2, 2013 11:32 a.m.

    To "Filo Doughboy" so you are saying that your Baptist church would rather vote for Obama than for Romney. You realzie that by refusing to go to vote because of 1 canidate, your church allowed the other canidate to be elected. If you asked your fellow church members if they would vote for Obama would they say yes?

  • Craig Clark Boulder, CO
    Jan. 2, 2013 10:22 a.m.


    "....Romney did bring much notice to the LDS church so SOMETHING good came out of this election at least."

    That observation is worth a grimace or two. A transitory Mormon moment is as good as it gets if being an effective billboard for Mormonism is all Mitt Romney's Presidential run has to show for its efforts. The U.S. Presidency isn't about Mormonism. It's about America.

  • JanSan Pocatello, ID
    Jan. 2, 2013 8:44 a.m.

    Filo.. thank you! Now we know SOME of the people to blame when our country goes down the toilet!
    Our leaders have told us that we will NEVER be a majority people - but that we will always be a peculiar people. If we go to main stream then this will not hold true, so not being a majority is not a big deal to most of us.
    Romney did bring much notice to the LDS church so SOMETHING good came out of this election at least.

  • sashabill Morgan Hill, CA
    Jan. 2, 2013 12:17 a.m.

    Many people thought the "Mormon Moment" was over when Joseph Smith was killed, and later when the church members piled into their waqons under Brigham Young and headed off into oblivion.

  • bellsandbells FULTON, MO
    Jan. 1, 2013 5:38 p.m.

    Filo..you fell for the trap Obama's team built for you. Romney did talk in detail about his beliefs, you faied to listen and the media failed to share it. "Mormon speak Kolob" makes no sense and the spiritual Lord, God, Savior, Creator has the ultimate spiritual place in the Mormon faith. You heard what you wanted to hear. No matter what he said, it would have fallen on deaf ears for you just as the message from Jesus fell on many deaf ears in the Holy Lands so long ago. Yes, I give ample credit to the Obama team for a good strategy for re-election and credit to you and you millions no-votes for giving us a 'pretend Christian' for a president.

  • Oatmeal Woods Cross, UT
    Jan. 1, 2013 3:11 p.m.

    There was no "moment." Noting that Mormons are gaining in American politics, is like noting that large numbers of Jews served as government officials in the 1920's Wiemar Republic. It doesn't hold that Jews were fully accepted then and it doesn't mean that Mormons are accepted as "mainstream" today. Complex demographics and regions with conservative LDS voting blocks have allowed some Mormons to succeed in attaining public office, but it does NOT mean that Mormons are accepted by the electorate as a whole. There are a great many on both sides of the aisle who have no respect for what they think Mormons represent.

  • Jeff Temple City, CA
    Jan. 1, 2013 3:03 p.m.

    I see the "snarky" writing continues in the comments section.

  • Filo Doughboy Bakersfield, CA
    Jan. 1, 2013 12:47 p.m.

    The 'Mormon Moment' cliché is passé. The new paradigm shift needed is for LDS to enter the real world. The one shared by born-again, Spirit-in-dwelt believers, who trust in a Book that has archeological/historical/manuscript evidence, and place their eternity's trust in the blood shed on The Cross, not in Garden droplets.

    You have always been invited, prayed for and witnessed to. It's a choice.

    Evangelicals stayed home in droves in my Baptist church family because they refused to be led by a man who refused to answer honest questions about his core beliefs, and then use every evangelical term his handlers gave him, because Mormon-speak is from Kolob, not Earth.

  • Filo Doughboy Bakersfield, CA
    Jan. 1, 2013 12:37 p.m.

    I softened, I caved, voted for the cardboard weather vane. Saw his good side, but knew that he had totally ignored the new demographic when he chose Ryan over Rubio. Thanx for losing the election for conservatives, Mitt, by ignoring the youth, minorities, and the huge Latino bloc. BHO out-smarted you with social media and modern trends.

    What the American evangelicals were hoping, was that a Mormon would once again change direction for expediency at worst, or for the best of the country at best. Bye-bye to polygamy, black priesthood ban, and Masonic handshakes when the public outcry is tpo deafening. But you couldn't reach out and relate to the 20-30 group to get a conservative in the White House?

    The evies who stayed home realized that Mr. Cardboard couldn't be authentic at his core. It is what it is: The Garden of Eden in MO, a God who really isn't "Spirit", and a preference over a 19th century novel with no manuscripts over the Word of God from 6 centuries of evidence.

  • ArizonaRed Prescott Valley, AZ
    Jan. 1, 2013 8:02 a.m.

    From everything I've heard a lot of Evangelicals stayed home on voting day. On Huckabee the guest said that the evangelicals weren't energized to go vote. Kidding right? How could you not be energized to vote in this last election. Maybe some of the evangelicals have softened, but a lot have not.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    Dec. 31, 2012 6:03 p.m.

    The play was better.

  • Mike in Cedar City Cedar City, Utah
    Dec. 31, 2012 5:07 p.m.

    Political nutrality? Perhaps we ought to ask the States of California and Hawaii about that. And sometimes nutrality is no virtue.