Alex Boye releases tribute video for Sandy Hook Elementary shooting victims

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  • Beverly Eden, UT
    Dec. 27, 2012 7:56 a.m.

    The Sandy Hook School shooting has finally exposed the NRA's weak thinking. The NRA is attempting to divide Americans into two classes: 1. A Criminal Class of "monsters" and "predators" and 2. A Class of good citizens that should be armed in order to protect themselves against this "Criminal Class." This is illogical. Having worked in law enforcement for over 40 years, I know first hand that most gun violence occurs in the home. Drunk husbands, normally hard working individuals, get mad over something while drinking and shoot their wives or drinking buddies. Or worse yet, the teenage boy commits suicide because he lost his girlfriend. These are the real problems created by readily available guns. We, as a country, need to pull together and stop this horrible problem. Guns kill people over 30,000 every year. Think this through - 30,000 of us killed every year. We need to prevent more of this nonsense.