10 side jobs to help your finances cope with added Christmas bills

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  • Liberal Ted Salt Lake City, UT
    Dec. 21, 2012 11:19 a.m.

    We can't even vote people into office that can create a budget and stick to it. There are too many people that believe going into debt is the only option they have.

    This is why the United States is heading to the bottom of the pile, while other countries have their people work and they rise to the top.

  • luv2organize Gainesville, VA
    Dec. 20, 2012 12:52 p.m.

    Maybe this article should be titled something more appropriate like "Ideas for Entrepreneurs" or something like that. Christmas comes at the time same time every year. Start saving for it in January. Make a budge and stick to it.

  • patriot Cedar Hills, UT
    Dec. 20, 2012 11:57 a.m.

    I thought the new Obama stimulus was supposed to pay for Christmas this year? Maybe it was just the new Obama phone? By the way - I haven't gotten by Obama phone yet - probably get it on Christmas eve.