Amy Choate-Nielsen: Political parties aren't genetic

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  • granddaddy stamford / usa, CT
    Nov. 22, 2012 4:36 a.m.

    Tumbledrylowd, © 2012 GAL’S CHOIR SONG.
    Mitt Rom-ney is the balm,
    He loves his chil-dren’s mom,
    He’s six foot two,
    with eyes of blue
    Th’ Twen-ty and Third Psalm.
    Mitt Rom-ney is our man,
    A Pa-tri-o-tic fan
    He’ll fight for right,
    With all his might,
    Like Lin-coln and Rea-gan
    Rom-ney for Pres-i-dent!
    Mass-a-chu-setts he went,
    As Gov-er-nor,
    Help for the poor,
    in-teg-ri-ty un-bent.
    Rom-ney for Pres-i-dent!
    His Dis-ci-pline like flint,
    Mitt Rom-ney’s glad
    Five sons their dad,
    Mitt’s quite the hand-some gent.
    The name is Mitt Rom-ney,
    Rhymes with E-con-o-my,
    To make it strong,
    More debt is wrong,
    Need pro-duc-tiv-i-ty.
    Sup-port, says Mitt Rom-ney,
    our arm-y and nav-y,
    in-crease their strength,
    ex-tend their length,
    home-land se-cur-i-ty.
    Our fu-ture, says Rom-ney,
    is with the fam-i-ly,
    chil-dren and spouse,
    heart, hearth and house,
    brings smiles from sea to sea.

  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Nov. 12, 2012 1:40 p.m.


    My Grandparents were all FDR - Democrats.

    My Father is a die-hard Vietnam Army vet and to this day, Republican.

    I'm a Reagan Era, Cold War Veteran - Liberal [like my Grandparents] and Unaffiliated.

    3 generations of extremely religous Latter-Day Saints...
    3 generations of extremely different political leanings.