Syracuse couple died in murder-suicide, police confirm

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  • Ann Blake-Tracy Henderson, NV
    Nov. 7, 2012 10:15 p.m.

    When it is a violent murder/suicide & there appears to be no reason whatsoever...and everyone who knew them is shocked it happened that is when you ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check for medications! It does not even have to be a current medication because it could be a withdrawal effect & hit days, sometimes even months later depending on their liver function. When we have antidepressants & other serotonergic meds with listed side effects of suicidal ideation & homicidal ideation (ideation is continuous obsessive compulsive thoughts - either of killing oneself or others) it is only logical to check medications. And these medications are given for all types of problems, not just depression, but pain, as a stop smoking aid, bed wetting. When we know these drugs have such side effects I do not know why they are legal!

    Look at the elderly man in St George, UT, very happily married for 55 years, who beat his wife to death with a hammer. He has no idea why he did it other than he was having continuous thoughts of killing himself or others. Everyone who knew them is saying it had to be his medication. Google SSRIstories for a database of 1000's more.