Utah Jazz basketball: Jazz lose 88-86 to the Hornets in New Orleans

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  • jazz4ever San Mateo, CA
    Nov. 3, 2012 2:52 a.m.

    ya...they did seem like the jazz of last year. good enough to win but falling just short. :( hopefully that is only in this game.
    agree... you just cannot lose these type of games when road wins are so tough to come by.
    kanter is still a work in progress. he looked too slow in the post when the double team came.
    favors got 22mins and thats quite a lot. Burks and evans need to get on the court some way or other..thats for sure.
    imo, reasons for the loss, focusing on the play in the final few mins.
    - 2 missed ft's
    - 2 def lapses (the anderson 3 and hayward falling)
    - 2 ill-advised or forced shots (foye quick jumper on the break with no rebounding, hurried shots when there was plenty of time on the shot-clock)
    If they have hopes for a great season, these mistakes cannot happen, esp in the final mins.

  • drgw5520 Davis, UT
    Nov. 2, 2012 10:01 p.m.

    Could be a different Jazz team if corbin will be smart enough to give Kanter,Favors and Burks the minutes they need and stop playing has beens like tinsley

  • bballjunkie Pleasant Grove, UT
    Nov. 2, 2012 9:03 p.m.

    Scary and hate to say it...this could be the same old Jazz team. You can't lose to the Hornets for the love.