Margaret Anderson: You talkin' to me?

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  • KathleenP Natick, MA
    Oct. 19, 2012 10:43 p.m.

    As a mother of three I thank you for this article because we should be talking about this a lot more and how the electronic age we live in is hurting our communications with each other and especially our children. I think every parent knows what its like to call your child to dinner only to have to retreive them, and have them say "I didn't hear you I had my head set on."

    We may not realize how bad it is for our emotional and spiritual health to be "tuned" out and missing important information and messages (especially our children) are trying to tell us.

    We discussed this in my women's group and there is a book called "The Shallows" by a Nicolas Carr that is all about what internet use with ear buds is doing to our brains. Another book we discussed was Changing Behavior: Immediately Transform Your Relationships with Proven Communication Skills. There are alot of good books on these subjects out there and it may be a good idea to have them as a topic of discussion with the family or a social group you may belong to. This is an important issue.