Foreclosures down in Utah according to September RealtyTrac market report

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  • wrz Ogden, UT
    Oct. 25, 2012 6:03 p.m.

    Foreclosures are down because we've run out of the folks who took sub-prime loans and were foreclosed on already.

  • My2Cents Taylorsville, UT
    Oct. 11, 2012 6:49 a.m.

    Is this supposed to be good news? Or a cover-up story implying some kind of economic recovery? All it means is the bottom dwellers have hit bottom and still costing us money in losses and bailout funds still in the system.

    We are still a flat lined reversing economy where poverty and no money and lots of debt are still destroying any recovery.

    When we hear stories of wages going up and reaching the $250k mark for adjusted inflation and dollar devaluation will we start to see any future prosperity. Housing does not create jobs, housing is a benefactor of prosperity which is still years down the road.