Bloggernacle Back Bench: Celebrating 'The Family: A Proclamation to the World'

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  • LDS Liberal Farmington, UT
    Sept. 25, 2012 10:54 a.m.

    Power pick: “Can we still be friends . . . even if one of us votes for Romney and the other for Obama?” Of course, explains this blogger in this timely post:


    Read the blog, couldn't agree with it more!

    I'm an "UNAFFILIATED" voter.
    Independant - Moderate/Left Leaning - categorically Libertarian.

    I will NOT be voting for Mitt Romney, and most likely will not be voting for Pres. Obama eiter because neither one most closely represents me.

    HOWEVER - If I even make mention that I will not be voting for Romney here in Utah --- I am immediately villified, castigated, and nearly spat upon by fellow Latter-Day Saints.

    I can hardly imagine if I was hgay, NonMormon, Black/Hispanic, or Muslim.

    The same Us vs. Them hatred during Church Basketball comes to mind.

    I look at Presidential politcs as a High School playing a Varsity vs. Junior Varsity game.
    Shirts and Skins.

    It's one in the same School, choosing up sides playing some ball, mixing up the teams a little and doing it all over again every 4 years. After the game, we all go back to school, once again unified, and showing the same School Spirit.