Schools, teachers preparing students for a digital world

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  • My2Cents Taylorsville, UT
    Sept. 10, 2012 3:57 a.m.

    It means that schools and teachers are going to stop teaching students the basice of math, science, and communitcation skills and replace education with a society of illiteate and dysfunctional nation. Society is dysfuncitonal enough and digital learning is proving to be a disaster to our society and all its forms.

    The only reason for this kind of downgrading an education system is to save money by teaching fewer skills and form a socialist society with no independent thought or will.

    What I want to know is who gave the government permission and the right to take over education and turn it into a indoctrination, propaganda, socialism? Education must remain independent and free of government control and business influence. Our scholls and educaation is the foundation of our rights and freedoms, we don't want governmnet to use propaganda to take it from our children.

    This program is socialist indoctrination to create a puppet worker schooling and completly overthrowing our rights.

    This so called digital education and world is the culmination and creation of dependence and destruction of independence and freedom of thought and freedom of learning.