BLM to host hearing for use of motorized vehicles, aircraft in horse, burro managment

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  • MustangSally Beaver, PA
    July 16, 2012 1:47 p.m.

    Animal lovers unite over the inhumane "gathering" of the free-ranging horses by motorized vehicles, including aircraft, by the Bureau of Land Management. Their techniques have led to the injuring, maiming and death of horses by running them with these motorized vehicles to the point of exhaustion, crippling and sometimes death, especially the older and younger ones that are not physically able to keep up. Please speak out against letting this "gathering" practice come to your state at the upcoming BLM hearing on the 20th of July and let the BLM know that you stand in opposition to their "gathering" practices that are destroying these beautiful National symbols of our freedom as Americans! Ignorance of the issue is causing the unnecessary deaths of these beautiful creatures. You can look into it from a horse's point of view at the The Cloud Foundation or Cloud-the-Stallion online. Cloud is a 17-year-old wild Mustang who has a loving following and has been saved many times from this horrific fate due to people who have spoke out on his behalf. Please be a voice for these beautiful creatures that do not have one! Thank you, from voiceless horses!