Gold and silver help drive Utah's export growth to new heights

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  • Farmintown Salt Lake City, Utah
    June 15, 2012 10:52 a.m.

    I look at two general industries as the start of all we have, farming (planting harvesting) and mining (extracting and refining). So farmers (despite my screen name I am not one), bees, miners, oil drillers are all making it possible for us to exist and thrive. The interesting thing is that only the minerals can be recycled, over and over again. Food and oil are consumed and have to be constantly replenished. Today, Kennecott is more efficient, Eco-responsible and productive than ever. The money they generate is truly "new", all the rest of us in service industries are passing it up and down the food chain. As humans we do possess the ultimate responsibility for our stewardship of this planet, but we too must thrive and progress. Let's not go to any extreme, tree huggers or wasteful consumers. I for one am grateful for Kennecott!

  • MPeace Provo, Utah
    June 14, 2012 11:50 p.m.

    The Previous Commenter, Terra Nova, may be injecting bad information with the comment. Deseret News should do an investigative report on this. Kennecott/Rio Tinto does not do this kind of injection of bad water into the ground like is said. Reverse osmosis is used to remove all of the pollution so the water can be used usually. If Kennecott were doing this, the State of Utah Environmental Protection would shut the operation down. Kennecott/Rio Tinto is always trying to keep with Environmental Laws to the best of ability, and even has its own Environmental Engineers to make sure environmental damage does not occur. Besides, as a company, it would want to produce and sell everything that Terra Nova says in the so-called waste plume because of the inherent value of those things called pollution these days. There definitely needs to be an investigative article on this allegation.

  • terra nova Park City, UT
    June 14, 2012 10:34 a.m.

    But at what cost? The process of mining is enormously polluting. The water injected back into the ground by Kennecott/Rio Tinto has created a plume of bad water that is moving further east with each low water-year. The last reports I read in this newspaper showed it had moved under South Jordan and was quietly moving further east, ruining the already overtaxed east-bench aquifers. The fine particulates rolling off of Kennecott mining operations (and its offshoots) are one of the primary sources of our very-poor air quality.

    We strip the earth, mine her resources and leave her covered in dreck. We trade a few bucks for dirty air, dirty water and a legacy of poor health for our children.

    Welcome to Utah. You can buy anything you want for money. Hooray!

    When will we learn that the extraction and export of natural resources is the absolute lowest form of capitalism? When will we learn that if we are going to sell our natural resources, we should also make very sure that the earth is taken care of in the process?

    When will we learn to be stewards of the earth instead of greedy, short-sighted fools?