SUU's Cam Levins of Canada blows past competition to qualify for 2012 London Olympics

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  • Grover101 Garland, UT
    May 18, 2012 10:55 a.m.

    I would encourage Mr. Williams to use spell check before printing his article. Fist, Cam's Coach is Eric Houle, not Eric House and secondly the Olympics are to be held in London. The last time I checked London was in the England not Germany. I appreciate you interviewing Cam's Coach in this article. I am still baffled at why Doug Robinson's, who's article about Cam was published on Wedensday, May 16th, never spoke to Coach Houle. Robinson's article focused on BYU Coach and 2 time Olympian Ed Eyestone for input. Cam has a great coach, Eric Houle, and he should be recognized for discovering Levin, and coaching him to the level he has obtained in this sport. Robinson, as well as you, imply that Cam is training himself, reading books on running, and making training decision by himself on his mileage. This is not the case. Give credit where credit is do. To BOTH him and his great coach, Eric Houle. Thank You.