Canyons says SkiLink not a step to merger with Solitude

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  • fuziz Salt Lake City, UT
    May 2, 2012 10:44 a.m.

    It is difficult to discern Talisker's end game.
    However, if you want to interconnect BCC and PC, this is the worst way to do it. Guardsman pass already has a road and is not a popular recreation spot. Plus, a gondola over Guardsman would take tourists from BCC to the heart of Park City, which is where the tourists want to be. I cannot imagine many tourists being drawn by a gondola from BCC to the Canyons, which is still a drive from PC.
    Guardsman would be the natural choice. Talisker owns land around there and you would have to disturb a lot less undeveloped/public land to put a gondola there. Talisker also owns land near Scott's passs. However, a gondola over Guardsman or Scott's would make the Canyons the end of the line on the interconnect. And, if there was a gondola there, it would make no sense to put one through the Willows (where skilink would go), so Talisker would have no excuse. It seems that Talisker wants this gondola because it is the worst place for one, so they figure they need to get it in first, before people realize that.