Utah Jazz drop 107-105 duel to Phoenix Suns

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  • Terry Sandy, UT
    April 5, 2012 12:47 a.m.

    ANOTHER CLOSE LOSS ON A VITAL HOME GAME! I wonder if Tinsley was in at the end instead of Watson, what would have happened? Watson keeps getting starters minutes, and provides no offense or defense and we lose. Tinsley got just 1 shot to play at the end of a game and he won the game in Portland for us!!! I guess Ty does not want to learn his lesson! Good coaches play the players that earn the minutes on the court, Ty just does not want to change his ways and we keep losing because of it. Favors needs more minutes also when he plays like that! Anybody can see that!

    The saddest part of it all is that Burke, Kanter and Favors were not given much of a chance to develop this year and we still lost/missed out on the playoffs and for what??? Not developing our future starters/stars will just keep us a sub par team for that much longer into the future. I think the 6 of 7 recent losses when it mattered most at the end of the season with the playoffs on the line (at least with games that close) says something about the coaching!

  • FresnoJazz clovis, Ca
    April 4, 2012 11:04 p.m.

    The coaching staff is clueless, just like Hornacek's facial expression...No fire, no desire, no motivation....Ty get up and coach, put a little fire into your players......Defense, defense, defense, gotta have it especially now, its crunch time...Defend the 3!!!!!!seems like everybody who plays us kills us on 3's......Tinsley should of started tonight, but instead Ty starts Watson, who scored what 2 points, wow.....The reason we are losing is because of our point guard play, especially the backups, not only that cant score they make dumb mistakes...Need a playmaker PG who can shoot and make buckets when one is needed....CJ just horrible defense!!!!!CJ just stay on your man for goodness gracious....

  • B Russ Ephraim, UT
    April 4, 2012 10:39 p.m.

    The defensive effort from the Jazz was not playoff caliber. Big Al is the first that comes to mind there. I guess thats why were back in lottery. The teams playing good defense are in the playoffs.

    I thought Favors had a good game going for the short while he was in there. He went 4-7 for 9 pts. pulled 8 rebounds and 2 blks. in 15 mins. of play. Jefferson played 37 mins. and Favors still out rebounded him. Favors played good solid defense while he was in there and we could have used more of that. Go Golden State.