Red roundup: Sharrieff Shah's jump to assistant coach

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    Feb. 18, 2012 1:15 a.m.

    "Duckhunter | 3:04 p.m. Feb. 17, 2012
    Highland, UT

    Sounds like your feelings are hurt."

    Au contraire.

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Feb. 17, 2012 3:04 p.m.


    Sounds like your feelings are hurt.

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Feb. 17, 2012 9:18 a.m.


    "frantic" huh? So do you and naval vet get together and go over utah "fan" talking points and key words?


    Feb. 16, 2012 6:47 p.m.

    Duckhunter, I have enough realistic criticisms of the team of my own that I can recognize a frantic, failed attempt at trash talking when I see one.

  • jarka-rus Layton, Utah
    Feb. 16, 2012 3:59 p.m.


    That Ute/Buff rivalry sure is cute too, isn't it. haha

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Feb. 16, 2012 3:23 p.m.


    You just don't like to see any criticism of utah's programs. whittingham is not a genious and is not mistake free. The truth is that other than the undefeated season utah's football team has been pretty average under whittingham. His 2nd best season was the 10-3 mark two years ago that pretty well ended with a giant thud and left pretty much every utah "fan" disappointed. Yet despite not being much more than an 8 win team those other years utah "fans" have this delusion that whittingham has been tremendous and that utah has been superb. It is a really interesting thing to observe.

    And despite utah's constant averageness all we hear from utah "fans" is how great it all is. LOL! It is apparent that none of you live in anything that resembles reality. Your team seldom wins double digit games, is seldom ranked at the end of the season, almost never wins any sort of championship, routinely gets blown out by good teams, routinely loses to bad teams, you know who they all are so I won't list them, and basically is just pretty well average or lisghtly better than average.

    Delusional "fan"base.

  • UtahUte16 Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 16, 2012 12:29 p.m.


    Your post is over 200 words?? Why is this? You must be a moderator or something.

    I really have no idea what you're trying to prove on these boards. You take them far too seriously, and take the sport of college football way too serious. Ute fans bother you so much that you have made it a point to come onto Ute articles and 'return the favor'. I guess if this helps you feel that there is 'balance' in the world.

    You addressed part of your post to me, yet you went off talking about how Ute fans say this and Ute fans say that and addressed nothing that I stated. Yes I am a Ute fan, but not I have never once said anything about BYU's coaching situation on these boards. My only input about that is as long as Bronco is at the helm, Utah will continue to dominate the series. Simple as that. I like Bronco, but he is not an effective motivator.

    It is to be seen how Brian Johnson will be as an OC. I can't predict the future. Who knows, he could be a complete flop; but he could end up being a successful long time OC for the program. You keep saying how everyone is leaving. Well, no. College football landscape changes all the time. Tim Davis went to the SEC, Chow went to his home state where he grew up and got the head coach job he has always wanted. Big schools see the success of Utah's program and coaching staff and use their big school lure to pick them off.

    Utah is a great university with great tradition, something you will probably never acknowledge. But that's you. I'll admit that I respect BYU as an institution. I admire that they stand for something and stick to it. I don't let 'fans' like you tarnish my opinion of a institution that consists of thousands of thousands of good people. But for me, Utah is a much more fitting lifestyle and learning environment. Oh and it does help that from now on I get to go to RES and watch my Utes play teams like USC, Cal, Washington, Stanford, Oregon etc. from now on. Utah earned its way into the Pac-12, and as the flagship university for the State of Utah, you should be proud of that fact. But you're not. Oh well, you're just one person.

    Feb. 16, 2012 12:13 p.m.

    The side arm delivery at the beginning of this season was ugly, but that is nothing to attribute to his coaching, it can happen with a reconstructed shoulder. And if you saw any of the first half against Washington, the throwing motion was closer to being what it was in his sophomore year. But keep on pretending that you know what you're talking about, when you obviously can't think clearly through your obsessive hatred. Do I have reservations about BJ being promoted so young? Sure. Do I think there will be a learning curve? Sure. But I also know that he's a guy that knows football very well, and feel content about that. Life is good, you should enjoy it sometime instead of living in apparent constant paranoia and obsession.

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Feb. 16, 2012 11:51 a.m.


    Based on he has been awful. Side arm delivery that has gotten worse than it was his freshman year, consistently under throws receivers, can't throw more than about 40 yds so the arm strength is not good. Inaccuracy and a weak arm means he is not any good and he looks worse than he did 3 years ago.

    Keep on pretending wynn is any good, that johnson somehow made him better when he is obviously worse, that whittingham has any clue what he is doing with these two hires, that utah isn't desperate, that assistant coaches aren't leaving in droves, that utah didn't have a losing conference record and was mediocre at best, that utah will ever compate for anything in the pac12, that utah "fans" aren't hypocrites, that reading articles on the internet makes you an expert on recruiting, coaching, or anything at all.

    Feb. 16, 2012 11:27 a.m.

    "Then brian johnson was hired and for the last 2 years he has been terrible."

    Based on what? Your perception? Which has proven to be how accountable? Let me know when you have something to qualify your argument, which contradicts hard evidence (efficiency rating, completion percentage, winning percentage) that has been presented to you. I speak for myself, and don't know Cahoon or Doman and don't follow them closely, so I don't care to comment on them, so quit lumping me into composite "one fan says it, all of them believe it" perception.

    BTW, Coach Johnson is not "barely 24," he turned 25 today. Happy Birthday, BJ!

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Feb. 16, 2012 10:55 a.m.


    jordan wynn had a decent freshman season and appeared to be a qb tht might turn out to be a passable college qb. Then brian johnson was hired and for the last 2 years he has been terrible.

    sharrief shaw has never coached anything in his life and has been out of football for 2 decades.

    Then of course utah "fans" spent all last offseason telling BYU fans how Brandon Doman, a player that actually spent several years in the NFL, unlike johnson who was not even offered a spot in the arena league, and then spent several years as a qb coach at BYU putting both qb's he coached into the NFL, and was a mature man in his 30's, was not experienced or qualified enough to be promoted to O-coordinator, yet now johnson is going to be "great".

    Then of course Ben Cahoon, who is nothing less than the alltime leading wr in Canadian football league history, was also declared a bust hire by ute "fans" because he had never coached before. But some attorney that hasn't played the game in 2 decades is going to be "great".



    So when it is utah "fans" speculating on Brandon Doman and Ben Cahoon, two men, players, and in Doman's case a coach, with vastly more experience and success than either shaw or johnson could even dream of, then it is legit analysis and criticism, but when BYU fans point out utah is promoting and hiring a couple of guys that did nothing proffesionally in football, have almost no experience coaching, one is barely 24 and one has been out of football for 2 decades, then it is "trolling". LOL!

    Of course johnson and shaw will be "great" according to utah "fans", they're "great" hires by whittingham. You know I'm correct about this, if BYU had hired two similar "coaches" as utah did then utah "fans" would be all over it. How do we know this to be true? Well last year when BYU promoted Doman and hired Cahoon utah "fans" were all over it, telling us that Bronco was a fool, desperate, can't get any quality coaches, blah, blah, blah. But now that utah promotes a guy who has done nothing at all, made the qb's he coached worse, is 24 and has never done anything at all, then hire another guy that hasn't ever coached at all and has been out of football for 2 decades it is genious. No comments at all about utah being desperate, although with all of their coaches bailing on them they obviously are. No comments at all about these guys having no experience, no expertise, no qualifications at all. Typical utah "fan" hypocrisy.


  • Naval Vet Philadelphia, PA
    Feb. 16, 2012 10:54 a.m.


    Wow! You seem to have quite the obsession with me and what Ute fans think of you and your WAC-ish program.

    But, since you asked, I have no issues with Shah coaching CBs. He was a great player, and he's a smart man. He knows football. That makes him good coaching material. So no tears. Too bad for you. Haha!

  • sammyg Springville, UT
    Feb. 15, 2012 11:26 p.m.

    And this is how 'big boy' conference teams build a championship coaching staff.

    Looks like 'hope and change' has hit both Ute football and basketball programs. I bet the alumni and boosters are having a fit with this lunacy.

    To help you out...

    I have a son that coaches soccer out of state. Pretty good too. Can he be the place kicker coach? He played in HS and won a game or two. Sure would be nice to get him and his family back around here. Give me a call Whit, make it happen bro.

    As a bonus I'd become an ambassador in Springville for you as well!

  • UtahUte16 Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 15, 2012 11:12 p.m.


    Everything you said is speculation (no facts) and cynical drivel. Typical though.

    "An attorney that moonlighted as a sideline reporter and was without a doubt the worst sideline reporter in the entire country."

    Really? You be trollin'.

    Here's some speculation for you...

    After Utah sends BYU home with a loss for the third year in a row, the duck won't show his face (screen name) on the DN boars for a month. As they say, history is the greatest predictor of the future. So is 7 of last 10, soon to be 8 out of 11.

    The coaching staff will be just fine, Coach Whitt runs a systematic program and is a great leader.

  • Drum and Feather Salt Lake City, UT
    Feb. 15, 2012 10:34 p.m.

    Sharrieff will undoubtedly become the greatest CB coach in college football. Whittingham is the greatest judge of player and coaching talent in college football history and this just proves it.

  • chicagoborn WEST VALLEY CITY, UT
    Feb. 15, 2012 9:44 p.m.

    Do you know what else seems kind of WAC-ish? BYU. It's nice that Utah State and BYU will still play each other for a while. That's a cute little rivalry. It's like two little brothers fighting over who gets to hold the big brother's football pads.

    Feb. 15, 2012 8:48 p.m.

    "An attorney that moonlighted as a sideline reporter and was without a doubt the worst sideline reporter in the entire country."

    ...which has to do with coaching ability how, exactly? I find this amusing coming from the person who claims to take a "wait-and-see" approach to judge someone's success. But let's get real. I assume you've never met Sharrieff, because he is one of the most charismatic and captivating people you could ever meet. Anyone who knows anything about college football knows that successful coaches are the ones who have the pulse of their players and can go into young men's homes and sell their program.

    As for BJ, I don't know how you qualify saying "the qb's he has coached have actually gotten worse." Jordan Wynn went 3-2 as a starter as a freshman under Schramm, 8-2 as a sophomore under BJ, improved his passing efficiency from 130.7 to 139.9, and completion percentage from 58% to 62%. Jon Hays went from 2 TDs, 6 INTs in his first 3 starts to 9 TDs, 1 INT in his last 6. You should think before typing.

  • jarka-rus Layton, Utah
    Feb. 15, 2012 8:08 p.m.

    So where is Naval Vet?

    To impart his wisdom on how this will guide the mighty Utes to the NC while they play top 10 teams week in and week out? Hello Naval? Why no obsession with "your" team?

    the Utes coaching staff, seems kind a Wac-ish to me.

  • ImaCaMan Oceanside, CA
    Feb. 15, 2012 5:05 p.m.

    Re: Duckhunter

    And BYU is still an insignificant independant. So what's your point and why do you care?

  • Duckhunter Highland, UT
    Feb. 15, 2012 4:12 p.m.

    So utah now is promoting a 24 year old to offensive coordinator, a 24 year old that has just a couple of years experience as a qb coach and the qb's he has coached have actually gotten worse under his tutelage. Then they hire some personal injury attorney that played football for them 2 decades ago and has never coached a day in his life. An attorney that moonlighted as a sideline reporter and was without a doubt the worst sideline reporter in the entire country.

    The offensive coordinator bailed, one of the former offensive coordinators also bailed, the offensive line coach bailed, and what they are replacing them with is a laughable couple of never beens.

    This is not what utah "fans" have been telling us is going to happen now that utah is in the pac 12. According to them utah is now a prime destination for top of the line coaches. If so how come no "top of the line" coaches are coaching there? How come anything the had resmebling a "top of the line" coach is jumping ship? Of course roderick will be gine as soon as he reasonably can as well.