GOP Senate leader says he'll unveil new health bill Thursday

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  • Misty Mountain Kent, WA
    July 12, 2017 1:07 p.m.

    @worf wrote,

    "There are extreme cases, but you'll be surprised how a community will come together and help. It's happened through out history."

    I'm assuming that no medical bills go unpaid in McAllen because everybody in the community--including you-- kicks in money everytime somebody needs medical care. Correct?

  • Bored to the point of THIS! Ogden, UT
    July 12, 2017 10:30 a.m.

    GOP has had 8 years under Obama and another six month with Trump and they have no clue what they're doing.

    They've told us for all that time how bad Obamacare is, yet they have nothing better to offer.

    They're the joke, but we Americans are the punch line.

    To quote our articulate President: 'sad'.

  • worf McAllen, TX
    July 12, 2017 10:27 a.m.

    LOU Montana,

    Everyone in our country have the ability to succeed. We play by the same rules.

    Why should honor roll students be forced to provided for those with low motivation, and grades?

    Yes! There are extreme cases, but you'll be surprised how a community will come together and help. It's happened through out history.

    Turning responsibility to thieving self gratifying politicians is not the way of doing things.

  • jeclar2006 Oceanside, CA
    July 12, 2017 9:49 a.m.

    Politics make strange bedfellows... so if Paul and 2-3 other similarly minded Senators will vote no, I'm for them... and unless there's a major defection from the Democrats, that would be a sufficient 'no' coalition to dispatch McConnell's homunculus bill to the waste bin.

  • EDM Castle Valley, Utah
    July 12, 2017 8:56 a.m.

    Sen. Rand Paul: "And I think Republicans will be very unhappy across the land if the Republican leadership gives up and goes and works with the Democrats."

    There you have it folks. Gridlock over cooperation. No shame in stating it. And we keep re-electing them - for nothing.

  • marxist Salt Lake City, UT
    July 12, 2017 8:52 a.m.

    @worf "Why should anyone be entitled to another persons money? "

    Why should five men own half the world's wealth?

  • one old man Ogden, UT
    July 12, 2017 7:57 a.m.

    Okay, let's see if we can figure this out.

    After 8 years of telling us that if the GOP could just take over Congress, they would immediately pass the bill they had all ready to go -- we discover they really had nothing.

    Lie #1

    After campaigning on a promise to Repeal and Replace ACA on his First Day In Office, Donald now tells us it's the fault of Congress.

    Lie #2

    Now they tell us that this bill will make care affordable for everyone and that it will be fair to everyone.

    Lie #3

    So now they are working on a bill to replace the bill to replace ACA with another bill to replace the first bill to replace ACA with yet another bill to replace the one they tried to pass before after they had to replace the first one with a second one because the first replacement didn't really do a good job of replacing anything.

    Oh. Now I understand!

  • unrepentant progressive Bozeman, MT
    July 12, 2017 6:19 a.m.

    One can only imagine what new horrors lie hidden in this secretly negotiated bill.

    Like Judas, you got to wonder what pieces of silver he will be offering wavering Senators to pass this obscene bill.

    It will still enrich the already wealthy to the deficit of the eternally poor.

    (And snarkily I say), what imput did the Russians have on the GOP to get this bill put forward?

  • LOU Montana Pueblo, CO
    July 12, 2017 3:46 a.m.

    Worf, you sure don't mind paying taxes for the rich.

    Providing healthcare for our people should be the very least of our concerns.

    GWBush's wars for oil could have paid for healthcare for this nation for the next two hundred years.

    I would rather see my tax dollars go the people who need healthcare than pay for the tax breaks of the rich.

  • TeachyMcTeacherPants Sandy, UT
    July 12, 2017 3:28 a.m.

    Wait wait let me guess:
    Handouts to special interests
    Tax cuts to millionaires
    and less coverage for the working poor.

    Heaven forbid they reach across the aisle and achieve meaningful legislation.

  • Hutterite American Fork, UT
    July 11, 2017 11:21 p.m.

    New health bill? Wasn't trump supposed to have this wrapped up back in January? Wasn't health care supposed to be fixed somewhere in the past 8 or so years? They did have a shovel ready health care plan, didn't they?
    Do these, our champions, really have our best interests in mind?
    The only people we're willing to elect to lead us despise the only health care system that will save us.
    They're heading for the rabbit hole. We're pushing them in. Guess where we're going?

  • JWB Kaysville, UT
    July 11, 2017 9:21 p.m.

    Still secret negotiations

  • worf McAllen, TX
    July 11, 2017 5:56 p.m.

    The best health bill, is NO health bill.

    Why should anyone be entitled to another persons money?

    Why are we entrusting politicians to manage our hard earned money? Their honesty should be questioned!