California bill would punish firms that bid on border wall

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  • Fullypresent Salt Lake City, UT
    June 6, 2017 8:51 p.m.

    I would love to see California stop taxing people to death and produce a balanced budget just once. They try to be all things to all people and that creates terrible taxes. They have too many free loaders and not enough people carrying their share of the tax burden.

  • Laura Bilington Maple Valley, WA
    June 3, 2017 12:34 p.m.

    The whole thing is an exercise in fantasy.

    "The Wall" is never going to be built. Trump will be history long before the environmental kinks get ironed out.

    And have you noticed that the Great Negotiator has stopped talking about getting Mexico to pay for it? After talking about how he can make these really great deals he has..stopped..talking..about getting this deal through. I mean really, he told us he had it all figured out. By now he should have had time to send Pe√Ďa Nieto an email laying out his pay-for-it-or- leave-it proposal. Since he is supremely confident that Mexico will pay, you'd think he'd advance his own money to get it started--knowing full well that he'll be reimbursed when Mexico sends us that check.


  • libs think what??? Salt Lake City, UT
    June 2, 2017 4:39 p.m.

    so if company A can deliver a product to the state that is 3x as effective and costs half of what company B's product does, saving the state now and in the future, but company A bids on the wall, CA would go with B. democrats sure don't care about the taxpayers, do they?

  • Happy Valley Heretic Orem, UT
    June 2, 2017 12:09 p.m.

    What in Tucket? said: "The purpose of the wall is less to keep out illegal immigrants than to keep out heroin and cocaine."

    Keep spinning the message.

    Not that Trump will build his fantasy wall.

  • What in Tucket? Provo, UT
    June 2, 2017 9:16 a.m.

    The purpose of the wall is less to keep out illegal immigrants than to keep out heroin and cocaine. It is a good idea and would be effective. However when a government tries to come in and "alleviate" the housing shortage or some other problem you may be sure they will make things worse.

  • search diligently Lehi, UT
    June 2, 2017 8:52 a.m.

    I think contractors in CA should sue the state over this issue. I don't think the state would prevail. And CA overlooks that most workers who will build that wall will likely be Latinos, many who have been immigrants. CA is hurting the Latinos by doing this.

  • one vote Salt Lake City, UT
    June 2, 2017 7:24 a.m.

    Concern for people instead of walls, towers and golf courses.

  • scrappy do DRAPER, UT
    June 2, 2017 3:59 a.m.

    Tyranny of the left... Over and over